Ramadan Observations

– The “cultural” meal is quite heavy this year, isn’t it!!  I am not against it, however, I think it is too much for only one month, provided that away from Ramadan you would hanker any of those good events!!! I guess am a tad prejudiced against the long anticipated stuffed agenda.

– Note: I am not trying to be judgmental or anything but I noticed eno people are celebrating ramadan in a peculiar way!!

– Happens daily probably 5 minutes before iftar: it is quite common delwa2ti to see people stepping out of their cars with colemans, dates, cans, sweets, etc  to distribute them to passerbys. Ramadan KAREEM 😀

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  1. The super hyped culture scene is getting on my nerves!They’re reminding me of the over crowded television programs! I’m missing out on so many of these events because I have religious priorities (especially in Ramadan) and A CURFEW! And I’m probably going to miss a long anticipated concert this Friday cause we’ll be having the whole family over!:(

  2. ma3lesh, am gonna miss it as well but deliberately, it is gonna be overcrowded anyway.

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