Turn the page

“Life doesn’t happen in chapters— at least, not regular ones”.   It is not indeed…life is a whole, we fill in the pages of a small/meduim/large notebook that we have to skim through every now and then to make sure where are we standing.

I am turning one heck of a page in my life;  a page full of facts,  statements,  nonsense,  figures of speech,  scribbled paragraphs, and proper immaculate ones.   In retrospect,  the page wasn’t flawless and I didn’t expect it to be,  not that it would have bothered me if it was.   Yet,  I always give myself the right to fizzle.   I blame myself though for every single mistake and resort to a self pact that I will improve and embellish, but at the end of the day I know am a human being and imperfection is never a sin.  

That’s not an attitude am adopting just to ease things up for myself, nevertheless, I don’t know why should I flagellate myself up when no one asked me to. We set the bars and we are responsible how high should they get raised.

The new page:  I will work hard to make it brighter, fulfilling, enriching, and more intimate.   And my first liner would be “He who hurt thee but should be forgiven”

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