Autumn Chill

And I wonder if we are gonna ever have a feel of this… is Novermber already and the weather is utterly hot.  Am exaggerating a little bit..but it is hot.It is Friday night and am in the mood for blabbing.  There is a good Woody Allen movie on t.v. but for some reason I can’t get myslef to watch it khales.  I am spending a quiet weekend at home, nothing much is going on in the pinky life of my-royal-self  as am getting all ready and energized for my new job. Should report there Sunday morning isa.

As mentioned in the previous post,  yesterday was my last day at work “siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh”.   Aslan I asked my colleagues not to throw a farewell party for me, I hate them…call me anti-social I don’t really mind at all,  but those parties are for elder people…feels like 7afl ta2been keda…plus eno am the kind of person who prefers small cozy intimate gatherings, fa no point of throwing a big party that I won’t be really enjoying.   And that’s what really happened I had lunch with boss and close ones in Fridays, then we had another gathering at the company with a cake and loads of jokes and fun in the very first department I worked for in the company.   I loved the day, I loved my gifts and cute funny cards,  I loved the sincere wishes,  I loved scanning the walls and every single corner while walking around the building for the last time…but above all I am secretly thrilled to be called irreplaceable ;D

 Corporate guy: blog worthy story: So we were anticipating a corporate visit a couple of weeks ago…me knowing who is coming I was up and at the top of it. I’ve seen one of the visitors in an earlier visit this year, but I was in the middle of something a.k.a relation fa I didn’t really pay good attention. Yet, I had a hint on how amusing this visit could be. Anywayz, the visitors came, and I was in front of the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen in my life…mind yoyu, he is  not only handsome, he is also that classy, elegant, cultured, polite, witty, etc. etc.  kinda guy that I can write books on him.  Anywayz, I decided to be professional and forget all about how irresistable this guy is and concentrate in whatever I have to do. There were eye contacts and glances that I thought were of a special nature, yet I convinced myself that it is only a figment of my overly active imagination.  The next day I took both visitors in a tour around our facilities, and I acted as foolishly as I never been in my life..anywayz, I kept on reminding my self that whatever I have in my mind is a “figment of my overly active imagination” bardo. I was putting my sun-glasses on most of the time to avoid eye contacts. But at some point the other visitor was using the rest room and I had to run a face to face conversation I was like why can’t I pretend that am an alien now and abduct you!!Anywayz…the next day was the goodbye day…and that was a heck of goodbye..the hanshake was weird and intense…it was long and tight with a straight right into the heart look…I blushed and grabbed my hand quickly from his…it was pretty embarrasing as my boss and the other visitor were around and watching.  So …I think I  probably sent him all the wrong signals.  What’s the moral of the story…nothing in particular but the emphasis on me being a drama queen!!  Needless to saythat I’ve spent 3 days looking him up on the internet, fantasying that I might find a blog of him or something and I can act as if I landed there incidentlly….alas, there is no such thing like him on the World Wide Web…he is not even registered in the FB :S 

Note to him: oh MS how do I miss thee.

For Heliopolitan Book Worms: Starting December (as for as I know, which is not necessirly info from a reliable source) I guess we won’t need to drive all the way to the other side of the city to stimulate our soft spot for books.   Diwan and Dar El Shorouk are opening their book stores in Heliopolis. Yaaaaaaaaaaay…!!

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  1. Goodbyes are really sad. Someone in my department at work is leaving this month. She was a very nice girl, though I only worked with her for a few months, its very sad to watch her go.

    And those bookstores opening up in Heliopolis is the best piece of news I heard this month!!

  2. Rabena yewafa2ek in your new job ya Nerrrro… you seem pretty excited about it 🙂

    Goodbyes are sad…true…but new starts are fresh and sparkling too 😉

  3. I am not leaving my job but I told my boss once: “If I’m ever leaving the house, do NOT throw me a farewell party.” But I kindda had a different reason… I love the place too much that I think I might faint from crying in that party!
    Rabena yewafa2ek ya Nerro 🙂 Write a post in a few days telling us about the new place and people 🙂

    I cracked up laughing ya bent with this “handsome, awesome, terrific, out-of-this-world” guy tale 😀 Bass do such guys exist in this world? I never had this experience of losing my balance before a guy that I am seeing for the first time. Only once, I felt shaken shewaya keda…
    Somebody called me “Drama Queen” 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post, a person with an imagination like yours should write stories and long ones.
    Any way I wish you all the luck with your new Job and I wish all the success in your private life.

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  6. Guys…the new job is really exciting and I like my new place…still exploring..thanks for your sweet wishes ;D

    Fadfadation: nice one…will do ya fandem

  7. I’ve no comment on the “3abeer” novel with the visitor .. congratulation on your new job .. just need to ask you .. is the new Diwan bookshop in a villa at the intersection between Abu Bakr El Sedik st. and Airport Road ? I think I saw a signboard there ..

  8. Will if you have no comment, why is the sarcastic one!!
    p.s: there is a blog rule that goes like if you don’t like something here, you just don’t comment, this is how things go here 😀 such super humorous ones like the above are not welcomed.eshta!
    As for your question fa it is a yes, it is the one.

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