2 tickets/invitations for Marcel Khalifa’s concert.

If you managed to provide the aforementioned tickets, you will be rewarded with a 3 days trip to the Pink Planet. Accommodation in the Royal Pink Suite, and transportation via HRH private space shuttle included.   Not to mention a surprise lunch/dinner/coffee with HRPH.

\\Royal Pink Stamp\\

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  1. Any idea whether this is a rumor or not?! I asked at the opera and they said they know nothing of this concert!

  2. Apparently it is a rumor ya Moon :S
    bas how come it is listed in his web site!!

  3. I’m trying hard to get those tickets for you .. there is a competition between Mermaid and I going on hard to win the prize of visiting the pink planet .. stand by .. Ahmad

  4. lol, apparently you and Mermaid gotta do something really fantastic to convince me that you guys deserve the prize, you apparently haven’t done your homework well ;D
    The tickets are available at Sakia, the concert will on on 3 Feb :D, there will be another concert at the opera but it is a private one with invitations.

  5. I’ll let Ahmed do the work and I get the prize 😀

    Ya3ny eih ya Nerro feeh tickets fel saqya? howa feeh another concert le Khalife gheir the one in Opera?

  6. HUH .. (a dump look on my face) .. what do you mean there is tickets in Sakya ?

    I know it’s only one concert on Feb 3rd. .. exclusive .. that’s the one I’m working on ? !!

    Info needed .. please .. :–O

    Mermaid: you’re using the fact that I’m stuck here in Algeria .. Mashee .. ha tshoofy .. :–((


  7. HRPH mesh fahma aslan what’s going on :S
    And practically afashet 3al concert.
    Mermaid and Glimmerman, you are cordially invited to visit the pink planet as a reward for your dedication and support 😀

  8. I called saqya and they said the concert there is CANCELED!!!! 😦 And they don’t know about the Opera concert 😦

    Shaklena han2adeeha listening to Khalife on our PCs!

    Bass this doesn’t mean I am not going to enjoy my visit to the Pink Planet 😀

    P.S.: Ya Nerro ya medawa7’any, erseelek 3ala makan; are you a blogspotter or a wordpresser? 😀 Just found out you posted something on the Pink Planet… and found a link to my blog kaman over there 😀 😀 😀 Honored ya fandem 😀

  9. Aywa, khalas ba2a di concert eih di el mebahdelana di 😀

    Ya Mayada arsa 3ala makan ezzay? am a Gemini ya benti, change is my only constant ;p
    I just thought it is better to segregate the Arabic blogging from the English mesh aktar 😀 tab eih May(ish) keda fine with you 😀

  10. They say the concert got postponed till April, mashakel organization , and this time it should be really at the Opera house, and we should REALLY find tickets

  11. tayeb let’s keep our fingers crossed 😀

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