Rateeba w Ensaf Roshdy

Is a Gemini associated syndrome that has recently been drumming me relentlessly, not that I wasn’t a Gemini before-coz I’ve always been one- yet little Ms. ridiculously irrelevant decided to start acting up and for a reason I chose not  to have power over it.  I used to know how to control my mood swings, and innate dithering but currently am more into the spontaneous side of myself.  Seriously, I found out that there are things that I need to know about myself, fa no way I can figure them out, unless am totally myself!!  

Last night I was torn between watching tv, reading a nice book that I’ve started a few days ago, and writing an Arabic post in a series that I committed myself to write ( one of the new year’s resolutions).

Nerro would have scolded herself muttering things about amusement and prioritization,  yet Rateeba made up her mind and  ended up doing the 3 things simultaneously while  Ensaf stood in the middle of the room lolling at what Rateeba is doing and wondering if this would have been  done better a la Nerro!!

Side Note: I have segregated the Arabic posts from the English oneس, and gathered the “what me thinks is” readable material here.

Since it is the book fair hype and stuff I have a lot of reading to do, I even contemplated a reading vacation, nevertheless am a relatively new hire, and still have 3 months to be allowed some rest.  Am currently reading Shay Aswad by Rabee3 Gaber a Lebanese writer that I fall in love with his style (in this novel, as I haven’t read any other thing for him), and I highly recommend.  Here is a quote from the novel:

يزعم أن الحياة لا قيمة لها (أولاً لأنها زائلة و ثانياً لأنها سلسلة لا متناهية من الرغبات فالتحققات فالخيبات فالرغبات، و ثالثاً لأنها غير مبررة – و هو اجتماع أولاً و ثانياً) لكنه يظل يتعلق بها و يكره أن يضجر و يود لو كان كذا أو كذا رغم أنه يعرف تفاهة هذا و سخافته، في النهاية”

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  1. After reading this, I believe you when you said “Change is my constant” 🙂 In fact, they need to invent a new sign to catch up with you trio-personalities; Nerro, Rateeba we Ensaf Rushdy 😀

    The title/simile is just brilliant ya Nerro!

  2. Simile ya Mayada, the last I used the S word was like 9 years ago 😀

  3. ma3lesh ya Nerro… asl ana 2adeema shewaya… 3aysha with the classics more than the contemporary 😀

  4. Dear Nerro,
    Your mood swings are much better than mine, shall I be in the same situation, I would have ended up doing neither, only retiring to smoke in open air place, narrating in a low voice some of my old poems.

    Q. Why you are not allowing comments on your Arabic posts?

  5. By the way, reading your lovely Arabic posts leaves me in a majic state. I smell the places, hear the sounds and see the people of my old memories. Including the two beloved parents I lost over the past years. It is an Egyptian Nervanna, what is unique about you Nerro is that you are VERY EGYPTIAN FEMALE, not only “an Egyptian Female”. Guess what? this became very unique and very scarce, when Egypt became stained from both East with bedouin winds and West with US winds. Greetings to your post about “Set Soaad” home. It gave e one of those nervana moments.

  6. Yaddi el kosoof, eih el kalam el kebeer dah!!
    Dear Eyad, I can’t thank you enough for your beautiful and encouraging words.
    The comments were off in the arabic blog bas during the migration period, but it is on now. I am glad u liked el sett Soad post 😀

  7. Hehe.. I am a gemini too and I TOTALLY understand what you are talking abt!
    In fact whenever I am in an internal struggle or monologue, I have my inner voice,called Said, to argue with!

  8. We rock 3ala fekra 😀

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