Dormant State yet we celebrate

Ladies and gents,

We (and by we I mean rateeba, ensaf, and my-humble-self)  are celebrating Nermeena’s blog third anniversary.  Let me tell you I spent days and days reading my archives from the very first post till the very last one and I can’t really express how I felt.  It is like documenting one’s life…I’ve watched myself growing up, achieving dreams, making foolish mistakes, stumbling and rising up as good as new.  I laughed at myself sometimes and  cried as well recalling harsh moments.  To cut the crap wire…I really enjoyed my past 3 years of blogging.

On another note, I noticed that I no longer have the time or the will (at some points) to talk about the details I used to talk about, I guess it is part of the growing up thingie…or it might be one of the girls (R or E) is taking over and she is into the low profile side of the world.  Fa eih ba2a…am I gonna surrender?? I will try to write on daily basis about the most beautiful thing that happened to me during that day. Only one beautiful thing everyday, not a tough one I reckon !!

I went walking with mama one day,

when she warn me what people say.

Live your life until love is found,

or love is gonna get you down.



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  1. it’s quite fun reading ur posts
    beteshke7ini 😀

  2. Happy blog birthday ya Nerro! It’s been a pleasure reading your blog! Sweet choice of song… I hope your days are a filled up with very nice events that you wouldn’t know what to blog about! 🙂

  3. Nerro, you bring a smile to my face whenever I read something by you. A smile is something I rarely have these days.

    You don’t have to write on regular basis, you write when you have something to say.

    Happy anniversary!

  4. Ma3t: am glad eni bashke7ek 😀 ya rab teb2i menshek7a 3ala tool keda.

    Deee: ya rab, same wish right back at you

    Mo Dearest: am happy coz I managed to make you smile…w ba3den enta leih za3lan el youmen dool tayeb? thank you sweets

  5. Ezzayek ya Nerro? 🙂 hope you’re always great .

    Kol sana wenty tayeba , we 3o2bal anniversary #100 , i love your positive attitude keep it up 🙂

  6. I am very fine ya Rain, enty how are you and how is the little girl?
    Thanks ya gamila, eb2i ezhari keda 😀

  7. Kol Sana wento Koloko Taybeeen 🙂 enty we Rateeba we Ensaf !!
    Nadia we Fawzia are included walla la2 😀

  8. Happy blog b-day 🙂 Here’s to the 30th anniversary 🙂

  9. 3o2bal el 834782346 anniversary ya Rab 🙂

    Keep blogging… keep touching hearts … and keeping adding smiles to people’s lives 🙂

    Love the three of you 😀

  10. Dido: wenty tayeba 😀 Nadia and Fawzeya dol mesh beto3i, and kefaya 3alaya e7na el talata 😀

    E: Cheers Dear 😀

    Mayo: enti leih 3amala tesabetini keda men embare7, thank you sweetheart. love you too xoxox

  11. I loved what your mother said in the last sentences.
    Happy anniversary

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