The 7adary Debate

So it is like all Egypt’s Infrastructure, Political, and Economical tribulations are suddenly of the past and we have nothing to talk about except the 7adary’s dramatic exit, right?

Ya3ni tayeb I have a question..mmm..a couple of them actually!


a)      When did Essam El 7adary became an  Egyptian Icon? with all due respect ya3ni, he is an excellent goal keeper and all, but in my opinion he doesn’t qualify for  a national hero, not an ICON.  (am not trying to answer my own question, am just thinking out loud while typing)

b)      In what way could  his escapade affect the lives of the Egyptians?

I am not prejudiced against the guy, on the contrary I believe eno he is mature enough to mind his own business, and he is totally 7orr to figure out his futuristic plans. 


I just think that the whole issue is overrated,  and by whole I mean the Whole Winning Team Extravaganza.  It is good to find some relief of the constantly disheartening daily life in your football team, bas ya3ny come on!! consume just a little of  this gigantic energy stream in a bit of an advantageous act (and it will work wonders).  Ya3ni..that’s what I think :S

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  1. I’m 100% with you. I don’t understand what the hooplah is about, I won’t understand what the hooplah is about, and if anyone tries to break down why a goalkeeper supposedly “ran off” to pursue his career, I’m just going to tell them to get a life, because there are more important things to worry about than a goalkeeper.

    I was watching the news and they got a segment on El-Hadary; a man they interviewed called El-Hadary’s maneuver “an earthquake to the Egyptian society and football community.” WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?!!!

    Nass fadya…

  2. IT IS SOO OVER RATED!! People have completely forgotten what’s really important! Its like they dont know what counts anymore.. it is really really sad! The over rated celebrations, the perkiness about trivialities.. simply pathetic.. The definitely need to get a life! Da eih da?!!

  3. Aywan! It’s really sad. We have a million problems to think and worry about and all we can do is discuss in detail and at length one man’s career choices.

    I also wrote this during the African Cup matches, same idea:

  4. Well, I do not think the celebrations of winning the cup is over rated or too much. Though I am not a big fan of football, yet I was very happy we won 🙂 And the celebrations lasted only for a couple of days and that’s it.

    As for el 7adary issue, honestly, I was stunned keda at the beginning but then when I gave it some thought, I reached the very same conclusion you reached ya Nerro. He’s “7orr” and he didn’t do anything against the law. Bass yes, you’re right… the issue is WAY over rated!

  5. Nerro you are tagged! 🙂

  6. Girls, ya3ni am glad eno am not the only one 😀
    Mayada: Bossy, I just think that we can use the energy we exert in a better/benefical way 😀

    D: tab haroo7 ashof el tag aho 😀

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