Do you want a piece of me?

So at work am a total freak, a green alien with a big eye in the middle of the head (they go with green since they practically know nothing about my pink planet).  I speak life, they speak life as well yet in a totally different level.  I love my definition of life and hate their own way of living their lives, I hate the way they waste their lives. Does that make me judgmental? Maybe, yet I pity them, not all of them, just some of them. 

I pity every single person who is missing out on him/herself.  Not that ya3ni I am a super duper gal who is deeply in touch with her-own-self.  Yet, I strive to get a feel of who am I,  what life is.  A friend once told me that am approaching this issue in an erroneous way.  Ya3ni the definition of life and the way it should be lived varies from one person to another. Same like happiness keda. 

Frankly speaking, I can not relate khales, I failed to connect with any of them.  Mostly they are nice people whom their majority I don’t know and the minority are way far from where I stand.  I don’t think I can draw near them as I am not pretty much into the “hot spot” they tend to dwell around, and I currently don’t have neither the energy nor the tolerance required to tempt them out of their orbit.

On another note, it has been sooooooo long since I had this true moment of  connection with anybody. 

Juicy stuff:  ok, there is this guy who is a new joiner.  Nothing wrong about having new people at work you know, it just happens all the time.  But eih ba2a, Naroura is pulling the little mean witch inside her on the poor guy, and poor here is a figure of speech. Why is she doing keda ba2a?? Rateeba tattles “Self defense technique, mmm the girl is unconsciously resisting, you name it ba2a.  Rumor has it she is developing a crush towards the guy”.

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  1. I have that connection problem at work. There is only one person out of the 1500 employees in the building that I can talk to without being ridiculously cautious.. and we’re not connected bardo, but at least we come from the same culture.

  2. I am a green alien at my place as well!!! and it hurts me much controlling my self, words, and activities in front of them :S

    liked your post … saba7ek sokkar 🙂

  3. welcome the white and grey world of banking, get out while ur still pink.

  4. My people are aliens like myself el7amdolillah 🙂 I can relate to most of them and they admire the kindda stuff we (aliens) usually do (book discussions, Cairo walks…etc.) Maybe this is because our field (market reseach) is not “white and grey” as banking (3ala ra2y askandarani):)

    Keep us updated on the “poor guy” (wink, wink) 🙂

    P.S.: Love the way you spill your thoughts out :))

  5. D: I always thought the bigger the corporation, the more fun it should be..bas tle3t ghaltana.
    Dido: me likes saba7ek sokar di :D, c’est la vie ba2a hane3mel eih.
    Askandarani: will do my best 😉
    Mayo: thank you hun…will keep you updated 7ader ;D

  6. People having variable definitions of life and how to live .. constitutes life itself at the end!

    It’s called ‘life’, this pumps out newness and alteration in every aspect, movement that spreads that aroma of being ‘live’ somehow.

    I believe that having a different approach to live is a basic prerequisite to live in the first place, those who just form the creepy crowd are nothing but cancer that slows down and infects those who really wish to live right.

    Well, my name is Ibraheem :), and I liked pretty much this ‘live’ blog and its very cool posts 🙂

    You know, blogging, for me, is a perfect way to paint a reasonable shard of a good life, for you see, and of course you’ve seen :D, you’re documenting your moments, a thing that makes you feel better and entertains the readers (like me 🙂 ).

    Really, keep up, and hope to see you more around.

    Ibraheem 🙂

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