Random Thoughts

1- In that very far deep end of my soul, I feel a faint miasma of dissatisfaction.  For a reason am totally disconnected. I tried hard to connect but all in vain.


2- Will I ever learn that neither Ms. Bennet nor Jo March  are pertinent “first date” material!!  Next time I will definitely go for something more Oliver Twist (ish).


3- I guess am hooked up in the clutches of a new celebrity crush.


4- I told him that for me passion rules over reason, I tend to be reasonably challenged, while he is passionately reasonable and I totally hate that about him. He claimed it is only my ego and competitive inclinations.


5- I have to run for a meeting.




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  1. I like to be rather “reasonably passionate”….mmmm… howa aslan feeh 7aga esmaha keda?!

    I am going through the same restless state… bass am struggling to climp out of it.

    *Sigh*… I hate summer!!!

  2. La2 I just made it up to describe “him” 😀
    same here… So you think it is a summer related syndrome!!

  3. i hate summer too!
    lived life to believe i hate winter
    now i know the reason for my misery 😦
    and urs too nerro..

    lets fight summer!!

  4. Summer definitely has a hand in it… grrrrrrr!!! We have to nehager to Iceland aw any place fel qotb el ganooby or el shamaly! 🙂

    Bossy, life is the same whether in winter or summer… but summer magnifies our small miseries while winter deminishes them and multiplies our small joys in 10000. Ah, God bless Winter!

  5. definitly lizzy isnt a first date material in our socity….dont expect mr darcy here
    i am also near crazyness these days….i craved for pride and prejudice for no good reason 1 week ago and didnt leave it till the last word
    try how wierd are you test….i was 40%

  6. mmmmm .. this first point is very true :S:S
    sigh ya nerro!

  7. Samaka and Lasto: let’s start a petition 😉
    Mohra: lol, am really ready to admit eno am wierd aslan 😀
    Dido: it is in the air wala eih!

  8. It’s in the air then!
    Have been restless for quite few weeks now 😦
    Seems I hate summer too.. bas I never realized this before..

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