7elwa ya Baladi!!! I Beg to differ

Oh, no… they are not gonna play the same gameagain!!

Prove me wrong. Please..please…pretty please.


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Resume the randomness

I definitely should be doing something more important (as in WORK) rather than spilling my thoughts out. However, I don’t feel like it.

Tab3an, I can’t remember what I really wanted to say about the Syd Field Seminar. Something quite different from it was exceedingly informative and we had good time (for sure that’s not what I wanted to write about).

Yeah…People, it is about people attending the workshop, I don’t want to generalize, yet I noticed during the QA part that people asked question and wanted the guy to give them “egaba namozageya”…I felt like “are we back to school or what?/” seriously..felt like am in a school class where “kids” were like ya3ni eih el sa7!! and we are talking screenwriting here..not science. I mean..there are rules..but no regulations if you know what I mean.

They don’t want to take chances, try, and examine. It was like, Hey Mr. Guru…you should know everything…no!! consequently give me the magic word for success. Coming from supposedly creative, with artistic inclination grown ups…pretty dis-a-p-p-o-i-n-ting I have to admit. I was like the guy is here to give you directions and guidelines….why don’t you just take it from there!! that sounds pretty judgmental from my side I know..but believe me it was infuriating.

Note: “I love those short moments of connecting”…extremely short yet heartfelt and invigorating. And I was asked…what if they lasted longer!! I would freak out came my answer instantaneously . The moment’s conciseness and intensity makes me comfortable..otherwise I would have thoughts, and seconds thoughts..argue, bicker and capitulate to my-Geminian-self.

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What happens in Agami ;)

Remains in Agami….no juicy details – Sorry 😉

It is a thought triggered by a pleasant incident that took place during the long weekend. Only my sis and someone else (who doesn’t read this blog) would get it…but that thought brought back lots of “interesting” memories.

This post is for the record (and the good old days)


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Of a once was polar bear

“I move from dreamer to dreamer, from dream to dream, hunting for what I need. Slipping and sliding and flickering through dreams; and the dreamers will wake and wonder why this dream seemed different, wonder how real their lives can truly be”…3arosty!!  La2 mesh 3arosty, am just quoting “Dream in Sandman 😀

On Estrangement

Oh, been out of this place for a while, voluntarily ya3ni.  Just didn’t feel like blabbing.  This morning on my way to work I realized that since the day I started working in DT I never stopped to grab a cup of coffee keda from any place.  Well, apparently I have good reasons- on the subconscious level- which is a) I bought a coffee machine for my office when we moved, b) I don’t have a cup holder in the car.

Note to self: need to buy a cup holder hon, it’s been almost 2 years with the blue babe.. and oh btw fix the bumper

It has also been a while since I enjoyed a morning stroll “anywhere nice”. Howa I do walk every day to work from magahel Garden City to El Asr El 3eini, however, this is not particularly my definition of a morning delight.

On a more serious note: I’ve been missing out on some of my –used to be- day delights.

Enough with the whining I guess!! On the positive side ba2a, many many mornings you would find me practically LOLing and laughing my heart out in the car and people would be looking to me in bewilderment giving me either the ya 7aram look, or WTH is so funny 3al sob7?

Note to you: try to look around in the morning keda…people are mostly pretty edgy, no?

fa eih ba2a..ah I simply love listening to the morning show with Heba and Lou on 104.2, the dude & duddette are extremely cynical. Love when they pick on each other keda.

Book Recommendations

I don’t have any. Been a w-h-i-l-e since I read something attention-grabbing or remarkable enough to recommend, yet there is a humorous quote that I really loved in “fosol men seeret al torab w al naml”by Huseein Abdel Alim

في عام 1956 و قد كان الصغير يشرح لها تفاصيل رحلة مدرسية إلي القاهرة قال إنهم في ميدان التحرير هتفوا: عاش الرئيس جلال عبد الناصر، و مرة أتي و هو يحمل مسدساً خشبي سدده إلي ظهر أبيه الجالس قائلاً: سلف نفسك، و مرة قال: حور محت، توت عنك أمون، و مرة غني: طلعت يا محلا لونها..و و طني بيكبر و بيتحرك.

And it continues like that..by the way this guy grew up to be a heck of a doctor, who is quite space cadet and doesn’t know anything unrelated to his profession. Don’t we bump into such patterns pretty often!

More on people and Syd Field Workshop …..SOON 😉



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