Resume the randomness

I definitely should be doing something more important (as in WORK) rather than spilling my thoughts out. However, I don’t feel like it.

Tab3an, I can’t remember what I really wanted to say about the Syd Field Seminar. Something quite different from it was exceedingly informative and we had good time (for sure that’s not what I wanted to write about).

Yeah…People, it is about people attending the workshop, I don’t want to generalize, yet I noticed during the QA part that people asked question and wanted the guy to give them “egaba namozageya”…I felt like “are we back to school or what?/” seriously..felt like am in a school class where “kids” were like ya3ni eih el sa7!! and we are talking screenwriting here..not science. I mean..there are rules..but no regulations if you know what I mean.

They don’t want to take chances, try, and examine. It was like, Hey Mr. Guru…you should know everything…no!! consequently give me the magic word for success. Coming from supposedly creative, with artistic inclination grown ups…pretty dis-a-p-p-o-i-n-ting I have to admit. I was like the guy is here to give you directions and guidelines….why don’t you just take it from there!! that sounds pretty judgmental from my side I know..but believe me it was infuriating.

Note: “I love those short moments of connecting”…extremely short yet heartfelt and invigorating. And I was asked…what if they lasted longer!! I would freak out came my answer instantaneously . The moment’s conciseness and intensity makes me comfortable..otherwise I would have thoughts, and seconds thoughts..argue, bicker and capitulate to my-Geminian-self.

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  1. Random fe3lan, but always fun to read! 🙂

    And yes, people stick to details malhash lazma keteer.. “tayeb yenfa3 akteb…?” to a certain extent “matekteb elli tektebo w lw ma3agabaksh 3’ayaro!”

  2. thanks ya Dee
    exactly 😀

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