Hello there, this is Little Miss N-consistent (I know you’ve already figured that part out).  I am quite positive that whatever comes out of me doesn’t make much sense to you and is totally incoherent.   But let me tell you something buddy, this is my favorite part of the story.  It helps in evasive maneuvering when necessary, I can always make a very dangerous U-turn at any point in my life and get back to wherever I want. See!!  That’s how I keep myself all alive and perky. 


I am not taking you lightly, on the contrary you might be the most serious thing in my life.  However, I might be taking life flippantly-in a way- (not for granted though), there is a huge difference.  

I am in love with life, yet I know it is not perpetual.  I am only giving the attention it deserves. 

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  1. don’t u get sick of elusiveness by and by? even for a little while?

  2. I can’t really get your comment!!!

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