And “I Google You” ;)

I google you
Whenever I’m alone and feeling blue
And each scrap of information
That I gather
says you’ve got somebody new
And it really shouldn’t matter
ought to blow up my computer
but instead….
I google you

Yes, I do. I have admitted it back when I decided to come clean about dark secrets, however it is no longer a secret. Read the whole thing in Nag’s blog.

P.S: for Googl(ing) fans..try this one 😉 quite efficient..3an tagroba ya3ni 😉

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  1. the problem is: it doesn’t work over here!

  2. I always thought I’m into technology until now. I just discovered that I’m “baia3 7’iar”, maybe batata or 7arankash w 7ab el 3aziz!!

    I didn’t understand a thing 🙂

  3. Marroneed84: the link doesn’t work or what?
    Momo: lol, leih bas. I google people (prior to, during, and, post) relations. bas fa el song said it all ya3ni mesh aktar 😀

  4. Nerro, great post, I loved the lyrics. Any idea where we can get an mp3 of the song?

  5. Nerro! I always google people, in the sick psychotic stalker kinda way!! :$
    Funny you should mention it specially today when googling someone actually *changed* something in my plans. Today I had a job interview, knowing my interviewer’s name.. I googled them late last night and decided that going to the interview would be a waste of time! 🙂

  6. hey hey 🙂 I loved this .. I loved the lyrics reading them at Nag
    I always google people, friends, colleagues, managers, partners … whoever .. I even googled myself out of curiosity and I was asking someone at work “didn’t you ever google yourself’ and she gave me the “You are Weird” look 😀
    bass wala yehemeny !

  7. Juka: glad u liked it 😀 no I don’t, still searching.

    Deee & Dido: Do you think it is a grils thing!! I believe it is essential.

    Dido: you read books!! come on, they know you are weird already 😉

  8. i loved this post. i google people all the time-just for interest’s sake. i google myself & find my articles have been re-posted elsewhere, in different languages too.

    it’s always interesting to see what comes up about a person

  9. I think it’s a girls’ thing fe3lan ya Nerro 🙂 I google parteners and managers… and myself tab3an 😀

    I love Google! 😀

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