Professionalism and Efficiency

It is when you kick off your workday by sending an email with the subject line: “Saba7o Manga ya Ostaz Ayman ” , insert a wink in the message body, and consequently get the required report on time.


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  1. OMG, is this for real? Loooooooooooooool!!

  2. 😀 aywa ya Deee, shofti!!

  3. Hilarious, da7aktini ya bent 😀

  4. Heheheh bravo 3al manga ele gabet regl el ostaz Ayman.

  5. i just wrote about simmler troubles in work
    life is the same everywhere nerro

  6. LOOOOL… I just cannot believe you did THAT!!!! 😀

    I think if I do it with our Managing Director, I’ll get something else other than el required report …. estemara setta 😀

  7. LOOOL :D:D 3amlty keda ya Nerro !!!
    bass ostaz Ayman dah mesh sahl 7’ales :):) from now on I am using this way of dealing 😉

    saba7oo 3enab!

  8. LOL..
    Actually people do this with us.. especially the marketing people… and unfortunately it works..

  9. WHAT?! MANGA?!
    mesh adra asadda2 enk 3amalti keda 😀
    professional gedan ya3ni ha 😀

  10. LOOOL! I totally believe it, we were at a business call with a manager at a similar institution, he wanted to call an associate of his to sit in, the following ensued “Ya saba7 elkonafa elsha3r! Law ma3aleek tesharafna shewaya, 3andy 7aga 7ate3gebak!”!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Begad things don’t go the professional way, I’ve tried it and believe it or not…Kelmet el ser Manga 🙂
    Juka… I recently started to take mental and written notes of such conversations 3ashan a3raf at3amel later 🙂

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