Snippets from the first Arab Bloggers Meeting in Beirut (from an extremely personal perspective)

– Since it was a very short trip fa I had to leave Rateeba & Ensaf here, they would have made it hard for me. With all the debate, discussions and indecisiveness… you know!! I really wanted to work my trip out.


– I came across different and diverse experiences from different countries, which was really pretty interesting.


– Some bloggers think that as long as you are neither a political blogger/activist nor your name was mentioned in the media you are not a “successful” blogger.


– Some of the participants were amazing, delivered informative presentations, and added a lot to me on the personal level.


– I met a blogger whom I’ve been looking forward to meet for a while, great person and personality.


– I am quite intolerant towards people who speak but never listen, they actually turn me off.


– I came to find that people tend to put a frame/border to whatever they are doing. Why??


– Two gentlemen of the attendance came in the first session with wedding bands on their hands and by midday the bands puuufffffffff vanished 😉 (niahaahaha….am all about PERSONAL stuff, mafish fayda)


– I had two options either to socialize and blend in or to go my way and figure the city out…I actually went with number two and was probably called anti-social. On my defense people socialize way tooooo late for the early me


Disclaimer: these reflections are merely based on my personal impression and judgment, and you may certainly disagree.

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  1. Hehehe I love the wedding band comment. I always wonder do men notice these things too?

  2. heheeee…
    welcome back then!

  3. Jessy: I don’t think so, women are more into details w keda 🙂

    Lasto: thank you 🙂

  4. I came to find that people tend to put a frame/border to whatever they are doing. Why??

    I’ve always wondered about the same thing..

  5. have you figure out anything!!

  6. Hope u liked the meeting in general


  7. hmmmm now i am very curious about the wedding rings. I never notice these things 😦

  8. There’s no way I could have noticed the the wedding bands’ guys!

    Come on, Nerro! You’re earliness is so early that, living in this part of the world, you’re bound to miss half of reality.

  9. Noha: yes, I enjoyed it big time 🙂
    Ma3t: 😀 it is ok, you are good, it is I am so into details
    Ahmad: 🙂 the period was too short to have a point, bas I had fun bardo

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