Beirut 2008

Sett el Deny 3an jad 😉

In Beirut, I loved sipping coffee early in the morning 3al corniche, in front of el raouche rock.  The walk from el 7amra to el raouche reminded me so much of strolling in Alex streets.  Unfortunately, didn’t manage to catch a sunset.  One of the things that I highly amdired in the city is the cleanliness, grabbing a shawerma sandwich from a little shop on the street guarantees not only a yummy bite but also a clean and intestines friendly one.  As for the people ba2a fa they are super friendly and cheerful, they make your day keda.  

Oh, and this silly joke about Lebanese guys…seriously, it is so not ture ;), ya3ni check out the airport bas.

I go now 😀

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  1. Whats the joke about Lebanese guys??

  2. there was this myth that Lebanese guys are mostly softies w bta3…bas tel3et esha3a moghreda

  3. Thanks for the clarification.
    Yes thats an eshaa3a moghreda 🙂

  4. WoW ..i truly love the new theme of the blog , so peaceful and eye relaxing keda , and cheerful at the same time …ya rab dayman :)))))

    Kol sana wenty tayeba ya Nerro 😀 ..the pics are great of course ..wish i’ll visit this beautiful country someday …..i’m sure i’ll fall in love with it right away.

  5. Oh…i forgot to mention the accent…….. i think it’s heart-melting 😀

  6. Kol sana wenty w enty tayeba ya Rain, w 3eiltak kolaha bkheir. thanks ya gamila, am glad u liked it, taghyeeeeer shwaya 😀
    I totally agree with the accent thing 😉 it really is

  7. Ive doing a social experiment for a project im working on.

    Im going to spend the next 2 months looking at stuff , browsing through the pages of Dubai at Riazu. I want to document all my experiences and make like a blog of everything that i come through funny and tacky.

    Would you guys be interested in doing something like this for some other cities, we could perhaps collaborate and link to see whats happening in different cities of the Middle East.

    Im doing Dubai, any one up for sharing info for Beirut

  8. I have to admit. I love their dialect although I can’t speak much of it and I mix Lebanese, Jordanian and Syrian!

    As for the guys, I delt with one of them and I can confirm that he’s a ***. Tab3an one can’t generalise.

    P.S. Nice theme :p

  9. It’s been my dream to visit this country, not just beirout, for so many years, and it’s not because of the girls! if u believe that countries have personalities, then this is the most beautiful of them all!

  10. Momo: la2 tab3an can’t generalize ;), 7aram ya3ni..thank you

    Marooned84: Can’t agree more..

  11. I fall the love with this country…
    From Buenos aires, Argentina

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