and I was asked, “why are you SO unflappable”!!

Am cursed!!

I’ve been born with an infinite reserve of dynamite sticks inside me; with every action or a reaction I of them explodes. It gets hysterical sometimes,  it is all inside, you might not notice it… I know!!!

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  1. kolona hazeehee al sayeda 😀

  2. lol, tayeb tamentini :D,

  3. Sa7… enty keda awy 😀 Actually, I can see those dynamite sticks in your eyes 😀 Keep them exploding every now and then… they make your smile brighter :))

    Ana mesh keda! el donia 3andy hadya awy gowa… more of tayarat 3ameeqa moving reflectively keda!

  4. Like the Dynamite Idea, i never thought of you this way, from your writings you seam a bit calm in the outside at least.
    nomally what change in you when this dynamite explods, you raise your voice or what ?????

  5. Hech: hope you had a nice vacation; belated 3eed greetings to you and your family
    lol, la2 mesh daroori, it just happens and i feel it w khalas, and we are talking metaphorically ya3ni.

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