A heck of an aggressive chick

Tab3an we are all quite familiar with the morning traffic and all, and yes it is becoming more of a nerve wrecking daily experience..bas hane3mel eih?? Thank God we can afford buying cars to begin with, otherwise we would have been whining about public transportation experiences which is utter hell. 

Anyways, on my way to work this morning I was getting through a Heliopolitan round about keda with lots of other cars whilst a young lady in a Red Mira coming straight ahead decided to ignore the traffic lights and cross the street.  She stopped suddenly to avoid colliding with another car.  A lady on my right hand side haven’t noticed the sudden stop and hit the red mira’s back (but it was a light hit ya3ni that didn’t even result on dent).  Fa eih ba2a…the lovely young lady in the mira got out of her car and started a long thread of cursing.  The lady on the car beside me apologized and politely directed her attention that nothing has really happened fa she gotta cut the crap wire ba2a.  The young girl got back to her car and we all thought that the show is over with w khalas.  But no,  she proved us wrong as she started then engine; moved forward, then reversed and hit the lady’s car, not only once, or twice, but thrice leaving us all gasping and startled.


Honestly I was taken aback watching the whole scene trying to convince myself that this is happening in real life and am not still dreaming under my quilt (yes, yes, quilts are out already).  

The girl was deliberately hostile, she knows it, and I have to tell you that during the whole dramatic scene she kept a constant proud smile on her face.  

Due apologies Shakespeare for I have to alter your famous quote here: ” some are born aggressive, some achieve aggressiveness and some have aggression  thrust upon them”

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  1. That is so strange! Why would anyone do that?

  2. I have no clue, that was the strangest act I’ve seen in a long while

  3. Very interesting story but not at all unusual in Cairo!

    Maybe that girl mistook the street for one of the rinks of DreamPark!

    Anyway, that was some action to get you to start your day in an interesting way 😉

    At least you had an interesting story for the morning coffee gatherings with your collegues ..

  4. Ahmed it is not at all unusual?? well, it is not a good sign, no!
    it wasn’t really interesting, pretty disturbing if i may say.

  5. A friend of mine who worked in AlQarya AlMetzakeyya once told me this story:

    He was driving on AlMehwar when a car coming from the other direction, still on the right side, obviously got out of control and crossed to his direction in a sharp angle and continued on and off the road after having broken the fence.

    He said that this scene took only so little of his attention and that he watched all that as he drove on his way to work one morning with no sense of astonishment whatsoever, and that it was at that moment that he knew he became part of the whole thing.

    He’s been living somewhere in the continent of North America for two years now.

  6. I am up hauled, why is that Egyptians have become so vulgar?
    I am really amazed.

  7. Alif: so this is pretty much the norm :SS

    Cesario: it is vulgarity, anger or aggression!! mesh 3arfa.

  8. MY GOD!!! I don’t know what I would have done, had it been me in the poor lady’s place 😦 While reading what you wrote I actually wanted to HIT that Mira girl… then I realized this is a violent act in fact. Fa, I really don’t know what I would have done! Maybe I would have dragged her to a police station or something!

    God, some ppl can get really insensetive and unbelieveable!

  9. i heared a lot of stories like this one but usually with a male hero but the real strange (and also sad) thing that no one did anything to stop this little aggressive chick
    my condolance to the polite lady

  10. She was probably high, or one of those people who feel that if they are annoyed/miserable that gives them the right to take it out on the world.

  11. Mayo: I guess we were all taken by surprise even the poor lady in the car, yet she was calm enough to drive the mira girl nuts. i kinda liked her reaction

    Mohra: I totally agree, no one tried to intervene or stop her, to be honest i was scared ya3ni, yet at least we would have taken her plate number and reported her aw ay 7aga..but am as guilty as everyone :S

    Juka: yeah maybe. It is just i can’t forget the look on her face. so viciously confident and proud, can’t find a real explanation to that look

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