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I’ve been recently condemned cold, anti-social, and pretty much apathetic a person.  Well, I will go the very short way in this and wrap up instead of listing numerous reasons and statements.

It is no secret that am not the most affectionate person on earth,  I am rather practical, I fall short of words and expressions, not always around but pretty much there when you need me (and you know it). 

I don’t call to chat but I call to check, I believe in physical presence rather virtual.  I  might seem anti-social and not friendly enough, but I cherish people. I do appreciate their cores and what they are all about, yet I like to keep my distance, I may not let people in easily, but when I do it is “surely”.  It is something I’ve learned along the years.    

Disclaimer: This note is merely addressed to my friends and people in my social circle

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  1. “It is no secret that am not the most affectionate person on earth ” …???!!!

    Ezay keda ya benty, u rrrrrr tab3an but the thing is … u just take ur time to express ur affection, friendliness, sympathy or whatever u feel. another thing u express yourself differently and by “differently” I mean… u r the type of person who does ACT instead of TALK. but when u talk u MEAN what you say.
    Btw, it’s no sister to sister compliment wala 7aga, it’s the truth begad.

  2. Nerro, you said what I failed to explain thru the years.
    I’ve lost many people because they don’t understand me. Well, friendship is not equivalent to hanging out or exchanging presents or above all chatting on phones or reveling myself.
    And for years I’ve failed to pretend being somebody else.

    just respect who we are.. we shouldn’t be just a copy..
    Having an identity doesn’t mean we are selfish..
    keeping a distance doesn’t mean we are arrogant..
    Sharing less doesn’t mean we are cold..
    Even talking less, doesn’t mean we don’t care.. but just talking is not our way of living.. but as what Nesso said.. do more than talking..
    and -believe me- they do realize when to turn back fetching our advices.. or when they need help..

    it HURTS every time i’m described as such.. and it HURTS every time I lose somebody new in my life..
    even those I thought they understand.. eventually.. they don’t..

    You’ve touched a deep ache inside my heart ya Nermine

  3. I think you are a warm fuzzy wuzzy sweet person and you too Lasto. Group hug now 😀

  4. Ya Niso being different doesn’t help khales 🙂 love u sweets

    Lasto: I hear you.

    Jessy: thanks ya gamila. bossy I might not be that warm:D but I do expect my friends to expect me as I am. Hug back xox

  5. and we love you the way are :):)

    and you don’t have to express passion towards people so they can feel it, I believe close enough people will catch it whatsoever … and these are the ones to care about!

  6. Well, I never actually felt that you’re cold! I noticed you do not like to be in every single outing, but.. well, I don’t like the act of being in all outings.

    I don’t know… but I always felt that I can pick up the phone and call you whenever I need someone to talk to or when I’m in distress.

    I wouldn’t want or wish to change a whiff in you 🙂 You’re just unique the way you are 🙂

  7. I think this is kida odd… that’s totally the opposite of what I think you really are , although I’m not as close as those who judged you , but I can tell they are so wrong about you …

    maybe you don’t want others to know the real you , you said :
    I like to keep my distance, I may not let people in easily, but when I do it is “surely”. It is something I’ve learned along the years.

    That explains that disclaimer…anyway ,ppl lost their tolerance to other ppl , that’s why they find it easier to let go than to exert some effort to keep a relationship going.

  8. Dido & Samakaya: I am blessed begad

    Rain: bel3aks, am pretty much a what you see is what you get kind of girl. and I like people to know the real me but to know and accept 🙂

    Happy New Year dear lovely ladies

  9. May be I haven’t told you this before, but you’re one of my blessings for 2008, and those who knows me enough, knows that I do not say this word keteer! 🙂

    (I actually had your name written in a post on my blog that I published a few hours ago, before I read this one!)

    Anyways, may it be a happy new year 3aliky 🙂

  10. Sweetest Rou,
    I am touched awi, begad hope this lasts 3ala tool ya rab
    happy new one 3aliki ya gamila xoxo

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