Change the channel – they care enough!

This morning I woke up with the mood of cruising around Heliopolis like the good old days. I asked mama if she wants something, fa she asked for 3eish baladi “awi” as I always like to put it (not that it is baladi awi or anything, it is actually yummi, I just like saying it that way) , I went to the “forn” at Game3 el Fat7, bought the bread and back to the car.

As I started the engine I noticed the garden facing Decorama  “those who are familiar with the vicinity would know what am talking about exactly”, but for those who are not, Decorama is a big furniture store in Game3 El Fat7. The garden has been there forever, but apparently now the old โ€“almost- green patch has undergone a face-lift, all fenced-up in a pretty nice way, and obviously well taken care of.

Fascinated at seeing this, I joyously stopped the engine, walked out of the car and started walking around the garden. At this point I came to find that the owner(s) of Decomara decided to take the responsibility of turning the common garden in front of their premises into a beautiful garden, a pleasant view for passerby’s and residents.  I was really moved by the endeavor and notion.

I personally think there is a message behind this attempt, not only promoting beauty but also to direct people’s attention and let them realize that common areas are not Government’s only responsibility; it is our responsibility as well.  How beautiful our streets could be if each building, store, company or organization took the responsibility of revamping their neighborhood.  I know this sound ancient and kinda repetitive, but believe it or not seeing it happening would get you all up and running, excited at the thought of waking up the next morning having breakfast on your balcony.   Seriously, we are in dire need for some beauty in our streets and neighborhoods.


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  1. Remember when you asked me to suggest you a non-fiction book to read. Your post here reminded me of a book called “The Tipping Point”, they writer there was talking about how some ideas can spread, and how Little Things can make a Big Difference. And in one of the its chapters he offered a new concept called “The Power of Context” or “Broken window Theory”. This theory say that people are affected by even the minor changes in their environment. If there are broken windows in one area that no body cares to fix, kids may find it easier to break more windows in that district than any other districts. In New Your City they crime rates in metro stations declined gravely after they took minor actions such as cleaning off the graffiti from its subways, and punishing those who rite the metro without a ticket. And even here in Egypt, we find it easier to throw coke cans and tissues in those streets where rubbish is thrown, and on the other hand we find it hard to do the same thing in clean and shiny streets.

  2. and you succeeded in changing the channel ๐Ÿ™‚

    There is another small beautiful garden in Ard El Golf done by Vodafone .. I love very much!

  3. […] Edrees – Nerro – who is also a Global Voices Online author, wrote about a Furniture Store in Heliopolis that decided to take the responsibility of turning a common garden i…. Fascinated at seeing this, I joyously stopped the engine, walked out of the car and started […]

  4. Tarek: First, i would like to thank you for putting this altogher. Second, yeah right I totally agree…you can obviously see the difference in people’s behaviour in clean areas and the neglected ones, although they are the same people, yet the attitude differs.

    Dido: I hope we can do better in the upcoming months kaman isa ๐Ÿ™‚ eih da tayeb eb2i olili fein so i can go check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

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