Excerpts from my Violet Diary Book

Jan 13th, 2009. 5:30 pm

Right on the Alexandrian shore; I want to capture this scene with all its associated smells and sounds. Lights blazing along the shore hopelessly competing with a full moon that took its place in the middle of the sky proudly with a faint haze of coyness. Sounds of weak cold waves hitting the semi dry sand softly echoing the friendly laughs and whispers.

Jan 19th, 2009. 11:00 am

Thinking of E; I decided it is not gonna work out. There is something that doesn’t feel right. Money and power intimidates me. I can handle the intellects but that…I can’t compete with, well, I don’t want to compete with. The cut off wasn’t as smooth as I expected. He makes me feel guilty, I hate when this kind of emotional burden yet since I’ve been in his shoes before I can’t complain, I totally understand. I just think the sooner the better. “إذا كان بعض الظن إثم، فبعضه بمفهوم المخالفة حلال” فتحي غانم

Jan 25th, 2009. 8:30 am

Ya 7aram, as a result of pollution and congestion; traffic officers (especially in downtown area and on the 6th of October bridge) have developed sort of a nervous system disease that compells them to move their hands frantically in a notion for drivers to move quickly no matter how blocked the streets are.

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  1. hehe i love the jan 25th one, u r so right!!!

  2. Love the 13th Jan note 🙂

    Well, I understand how you’re feeling in note 19th Jan. (sigh)

  3. Ma3t: they drive me crazy aktar men el za7ma 🙂
    Mayo: for 13th, it was a heck of a pleasant day. Sigh back 😀

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