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The only hope for this country is its own people; today I am highlighting 2 bloggers/journalists (it is just a coincidence by the way) who have made a real difference and touched  many of us on different levels.   I won’t really talk long about them coz actually their efforts can loudly stand out against any written or said words.  Those are a sample of the many people who decided not to submit to the negative vibes and extend a positive example to those who care enough.


Nora Younis; haven’t met her personally yet would love to do one day.  But it is no secret that she is one of the most enthusiastic bloggers, one who touches the reader with her humanitarian sense.  Wherever there is a crisis, one expects she would one of the very first people on set, and we go anxiously to her blog, or follow her tweets for updates.  During the latest Gaza Massacre Nora was right on the borders reporting the real picture. 


Noha Atef a.ka. ta3zeeb, the founder of Torture in Egypt.  Honestly, when I first came across Torture in Egypt I was pretty sure the owner is a guy, (pretty stereotypical I  know) given the nature of the blog that requires a pretty audacious personality.  Noha took blogging to another extreme; exposed the brutality  and aggression of officials and authorities exercised against citizens.  She encouraged people to talk about long hidden violations and practices.  In person Noha is a wonderful and sweet  person whom I’ve had the chance to meet in August .


As I said there are many bright inspiring examples, I just chose 2 and you can always take it from there, and highlight a blogger who have really made a difference and inspired you someway or another J




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