of Specialized Comedy Channels

Moga is a specialized comedy channel that managed to attract lots of audience and positioned itself appropriately among other satellite channels.  It is really a very good move to finally  have a dedicated channel to air nothing but comic shows all the time and transfer some cheerful vibes, we need it the most, no??   That being said I have to say that most of the material aired is extremely disappointing, and goes beyond disgraceful sometimes.

For instance, tonight I decided to stay home and play a couch potato; flipping through the channels I came across “Nashret Akhbar el Khamesa Wal 3eshreen”. I have watched the show many times before, found it funny yet had my own concerns about the shallowness and the language used, seriously what’s so funny about “at3as allaho masa2akom!”.  Anyway, tonight ba2a the show came to its own downfall (at least to me), it was totally intolerable; leih? Coz simply one of the segments contained an explicit sexual connotation that shouldn’t be out for the world on a Friday a.k.a family day in a comic popular show that people from all age ranges watch, like , and wait for on daily basis. Do these people even think there are kids watching!! I was like…what are u thinking!!

I am not attacking this show in particular it is only an example.  As I mentioned earlier am heartily against the material presented to the large fan base of the comedy channel. I think they need to reconsider their shallow material –the ugly promos as a starter-, as some of them are not even funny, they are utterly ludicrously absurd. They just need to understand that there are so many agreeable ways to invoke a hearty laugh.

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  1. […] the material aired is extremely disappointing, and goes beyond disgraceful sometimes,” writes Nermeena, from Egypt. Cancel this […]

  2. Well, I have to say that I totally agree with you ya Nerro! w aslan be3’add el nazar 3ann el material ely off-limits as you mentioned, I think that “el pernameg” dammoh te2eel begad. It seriously needs to be more thought off. And somehow I think it is the personality of “Sayed Abo 7afeeza” howa elly me7’ally el program dammoh te2eel awy awy awy awy awy keda!

  3. “el Taree2 el 7orr” episode? I felt uncomfortable myself watching it!

    Maybe their slogan is “comdey for the sake of comedy” regardless of the shallowness of the materials ya Nerro – which is something I disagree with.

    Some parts of this nashret akhbar was good. I hope they can have a good editor or mo3ed to fix the flaws.

  4. Agree you with you ya Nerro , especially the in between links (the guy dressed as a woman) it’s totally disgusting UGH !!! although there’re some really hilarious actors 😀 (talk show)

  5. The thing is I can see a potential of good material coming out of this nashra and mozee3, and I would love to see come comedy for the sake of improvement. Coz actually this is not available khales.
    As for the promos ba2a, fa they are disgusting.
    Rain: I watched the talk show once, it was about the Lebanese Program hezzy ya nawa3em and I couldn’t really get to the end of the show. Might be this episode only, will try to watch another one and see 😀
    p.s: happy to see you around xoxo

  6. I’m always around (A) just don’t comment .
    much love to you dear :)(F)

  7. totaly agree
    but at3as allh saba7kom is really funny

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