A quick tour inside Abdeen Palace


Paris Gate: was intently constructed for Empress Eugene of France entrance during the Suez Canal opening ceremony.  Bas 3ashan el na2, the palace was opened 3 years after the ceremony 🙂


Supposedly a royal fountain outside the museum complex

100_6735lr1The Tea Kiosk: koshk el shay as they used to call it.

100_6688lrMausoleum of Sidi Badran : one usually don’t expect a mausoleum (ma2am) inside a once was royal residence, no?? the thing is the mausoleum was already on site before the palace’s construction and Khedive Ismail ordered the architects to incorporate it in the palace’s design.  Unfortunately it was closed for renovation, but I heard it is breathtaking.

100_6718lrMe likes 🙂

100_6732lrThe Music Kiosk: Koshk el Mosika, royalities lazem yes7o 3ala music tab3an mesh alarm clocks.

100_6728lrAt this point of the tour, gurads will start asking you to stop as you cannot get any closer :S and tab3an I SO wanted to explore further.


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  1. cool pics. mara toht in downtown as i was searching for el azhar tunnel and sow it, thought it was the old opera house, then i remembered it was burnt to the ground, liked the fence awi for a second it felt like being in france but a microbus took this second away

  2. Helwa awy el sowar ya Nerro .. Bravo 🙂

  3. […] who recently visited Abdeen Palace in down town Cairo, takes us through a quick tour inside the palace with her camera in tow. Cancel this […]

  4. really beutiful…..y cant u go any further???
    i thought it was open for visitors

  5. I LIKE !

    begad very nice shots nerro!

  6. Thanks for sharing. It is a shame it is not opened for visitors like in UK or the White house.

  7. Thank you guys, glad you like the pics 🙂
    It is really frustrating, it also thought it is opened for public alas that’s not true :S
    No reasonable justification though

  8. Eih dah! You are really good with a camera! I love the shots 🙂 You made me want to take that tour 🙂

  9. Go take it, it is lovely 😀
    but it would be great if you know someone who can get you a permit to get inside the palace

  10. I am in the process of writing a seminar paper on Abdeen Saray, your pics will help..TOTS!

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