Yet another film hindi

It was the last day in an extremely strenuous workweek when I called the sis to check if she would like to go watch “Slumdog  Millionaire”,  I was pretty sure she won’t tag along as we definitely dropped down this “going together to movies” issue a few years ago, our last one was “wa7ed men el nas” fa you can imagine how unyielding is our pact 😉 (between us girls: she talks during movies, shhhhh).


El Mohem we went to the movie which happened to be in Genina Movie Theatre, (a prestigious award winner movie should be allover the place, not only in a few movie theatres across Cairo, no??). We had an hour to waste fa we went around the mall keda, and sister kept torturing me as she practically stopped in front of each and every candy stall we came across.  At the very beginning I thought she wants to buy something in particular but tab3an I was wrong, she was just doing it for the fun of it.


I will spare you the familial details and now to the movie review (if I may say), actually it is not a review khales, it is only my opinion, and I can really sum it up in a simple sentence: 

Slumdog Millionaire; yet another “film hindi”, in a short time span.  I totally understand that the movie has practically rocked the world and all, yet to me it didn’t make much sense, like many of those loooooooooooong movies we used to watch during the eid vacation when we were young. 


It is the same old recipe.  Throughout the movie inconsistency prevailed.  I have to admit that at many points I was touched to the core, and I also have to admit that the movie is visually brilliant.  But the flawed storyline really got into my nerves, I was totally disappointed.


Although I loved the Jai Ho Score at the very end with all the music, energy, and stuff, yet I went like “howa film hindi”.  There is nothing wrong with aflam hindi by the way, I can confidently tell that so many of us used to like the colorful scenes and the music offered in those ones we used to watch zaman, but the drama was never a measure coz we knew that they mostly lack realism.

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  1. Well, I think Niso will break you a leg or sth 😀

    So, it’s already out there… wanna go and see it ana kaman!

    I still demand we do our Friday morning thing before it gets hottttt, pleath! 😀 Let’s arrange 🙂

  2. ma32oula … !!!

  3. Da zolm el ensan le akhouh el ensan 😦 , dana nesma 🙂
    Mermaid, ana mesh ha3mellaha 7aga, hasebha le damerha 😀

  4. Mayo: yeah go watch it, it is interesting 🙂
    Let’s go next Fri yalla. I am so IN

    Dido: bossy it is good but ya3ni it doesn’t measure up to an academy award winner.

    Niso: you know me when it comes to dameer. Walahi it was fun 😀

  5. I want to see this movie begad! i know everybody said it is a film hendy bass ma3mool 7elwo shwya, bass begad i want to see it and make my mind up for myself!

    El mohem ennoh 3andy 3al laptop w quality zareefa wallahy.. ba2eet 7atta akkasel afarag 3ala aflam..

  6. to answer your question: production companies are now owning most of film distribution outlets and hence you will always find some important movies (like hassan and morcos, ya3kobian..etc) in the theatres belonging to the production company only, and the big looser here is the audience.

    For the Slumdog, I haven’t seen all of it and I am not even encouraged to complete it. I believe Benjamin Button deserved the Oscars much more this movie.

  7. i really liked the movie , the Jai Ho Score was awesome

  8. Nerro, I know you don’t think much of it, but I actually liked it. I’ve actually worked/lived with Indians, and believe that the movie’s surrealism is actually realistic. They have this intense spirituality and conviction that all will work out for the best and that all that happens to you is written and that the hero will eventually conquer all. So if you allow them the extreme stretches of plausibility, then the movie is actually sweet, despite it’s message being a tad too direct for my liking. The little kids were brilliant in their roles. Does it deserve the Oscar? Probably not, but I still thought it was worth watching.

  9. I really enjoyed that movie.
    watched it in genina bardo…. surprisingly it wasn’t that bad a theatre!

  10. Really? I loved it! I think the ‘felm hendy’ aspects were quite purposeful, a nod to the bollywood culture, without sacrificing the screenplay as a solid story…

    And re: the film soundtrack – I would’ve voted for the other song from the film that was nominated for the oscars – “O Saya”.

  11. guys,
    The movie is good, I believe there were glitches yet I enjoyed it. It is just I don’t think it measures up to an Oscar Winner mesh aktar 🙂

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