of National Iconic Figures

Dear friends,
According to the Guardian’s Country profile, Egypt’s Living National Icons are:

-Omar Sharif (actor)
-Dina (dancer)
-Ahmed Toughan (cartoonist)
-Ahmed Hossam “Mido” (footballer)
-Hesham Mesbah (judo)

I felt totally uneasy about the list and contacted the Guardian to report inaccuracies. I can never debate Omar El Sherif and Toughan’s presence..but the rest!! Mmm, am not quite sure.

What about you? Do you really think the enlisted are Egypt’s Living National Icons? If not, who would you suggest instead?


I just got a reply from the below reply from the Guardian:
I am happy to expand the list Nerro — we can’t do everybody, but send us your top picks with their biog info, and we will see what we can do. All the best, Leslie “


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  1. If the list should have a footballer, it should be Abo Trieka. Mido is nothing compared to him.

  2. Can’t understand the reply u got, does this mean that those who sent Dina on their list have already sent her biog!!!!Highly doubt…I guess an action is needed now…this list should be questioned by many of us not only by u…we can follow ur steps and send them our reservations like what u did and they might realize that their info r not accurate.

  3. The list is missing out on important figures:

    – sha3bolla the 2olla
    – Abo Terika
    – Gamal Mubarak the 1st
    – Omar Soliman the Mysterious
    – Al mowaten al nat7oon (bta3 Flash)

  4. Shaimaa: I totally agree..If we are talking footballers I would say El Khatib as well..he is an acknowledged legend.

    Enas: yes yes, plz do. I sent them my list which they have already added yet didn’t take off both Dina and Mido (although in my email I proposed other names to substitute the)m, yet they kept them in.

    Marooned: 😀 would you say 3adaweya or sha3bolla!

  5. Nermeen,
    I sent them and email questionning the criteria they used for collecting such data and which approaches they followed(surveys, interviews,media analysis) and i also suggested adding the following persons;
    Dr.Mohamed Elbaradie
    Mr.Naguib Sawirris
    Dr.Farouk Elbaz
    Dr.Magdi Habib Yacoub
    let’s wait and see.
    I got an idea…why don’t we suggest to our common dear friend “Dina Elhawary” to make it one of “Read” topics..we need to ask the egyptian youth who are their national icons and why..this could be a very promising survey and reportage as well, what do you think?

  6. Sounds like a great idea ya Enas, I’ll talk to her and see keda.
    p.s: You know Dido?? 😀

  7. weird for the Guardian to pick those 5 specifically!

    I go with Mahmoud Sa3d, Dr. Zewail(see this btw) and Hasan Shehata (I can’t think of others now, but I’m sure there are :D)

    Hope the flu doesn’t catch one!

    bass nice move to send them really 🙂

  8. It is sad that most of Egyptian icons live outside Egypt and can not officially considered “Egyptians”!!!!!

  9. ibhog: well, the list now has an interesting variety 😀
    Moe: it is really sad, yet they are “officially” Egyptians

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