Saba7 el foll

Dear friends,

Please, please, please….pretty please. When you step in your office after a long weekend try as much as you can to transfer some positive energy to your colleagues instead of whining about the morning unanticipated traffic and how  #$%$% was your holiday.


 As long as you are present in the office, while all family, friends, and loved ones are alive, healthy, and should be happy and thankful. THIS IS  A BLESSING PEOPLE, don’t take it for granted.

Seriously, you won’t believe the amount of negative energy I’ve absorbed since the minute I stepped in.  What drives me crazy is that I cannot really find a good reason.


“Za7ma”!! Yes, I totally understand that traffic is intolerable but hey you have a lovely car with an AC!! Others are suffering in public transportation that they can hardly afford aslan.

Kids are driving you nuts!! Well, many are desperate to have one.

Bored!! Quit being too comfortable, you just want to step out and do different things.


I know life isn’t that “cool”, but it is not really bad. You  know what I mean!! Begad think of the extreme and be thankful for waking up in the morning in the first place.  It is literally a MIRACLE.


Humans are all about energy, and energy is transferable, so the minute you transfer positive energy to another person, it will get to the third, then the fourth…etc.  It is contagious… Therefore it is your responsibility; when you see someone the first thing in the morning, it is either you make or break his/her day.  No??


Have a lovely day and smile 😀


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  1. Amr likes nerro’s post 🙂

  2. 🙂

  3. That’s the spirit, dear 😀 I particularly liked the part about not taking things for granted 🙂

    May you always be blessed with a cheerful, appreciative spirit 🙂

  4. You are totally right. And I totally agree that it’s contagious too. I’m always happy in the morning and the moment I step in and see all the frowns it just alters my mood 180 degrees and eventually breaks my day as you said. I hope every body at work reads this post :))

  5. Me really likes! 🙂

  6. Amr: glad you did
    Nousha 😀
    Mermaid: may we all ya rab 😀
    Zandzz: Plz don’t let them, try to fight back, put on a song a play it, avoid them..ay 7aga. You may tell them nicely kaman that they have to cut it down.
    D: Me really miss you

  7. May you have the best mornings ever ya Nerro without anyone transfering negativer energy 🙂

  8. Right back at you sweet Moony xoxo

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