Altering the mood

On Pink

(Nerro is sitting in the office staring inside her purse)

R: eih ya Nermo, are you looking for something?

N: No

R: have been looking inside your purse for a while?

N: yeah

R: (waiting for an answer)

N: I am cheering myself up

R (in a sarcastic tone): that makes have a clown inside!!

N: nnno, am Coulrophobic

R: Wow…that sounds intense, say it again.

N: lol,  phobic to clowns!

N: I have a new pink wallet, fa I look at it for  a) I am cheering myself up, b) am sorta obsessed with it 😀

R: Pink is overrated

N: Pink is diminishing from my desk and purse.  Not a good sign, no!!

R: go green…pink is tacky

N: I hear some displaced anger against pink young lady…get a grip.

R: It is very well placed, plus think about it. “green” is cliché. ya3ni you can start bragging out and saying things like “I have given up on pink to go green. It is environmental friendly”

R & N: Lollllllling

 On impact:

I’ve been taught that my very key to success as a trainer is to make a personal impact.  Well, sounds easy but it is not. For subtle quiet people like myself it is pretty exhausting.  

I always feel compelled to walk around with a hidden bunny under my hat.  I am a naturally quiet person, neither my looks nor my attitude are captivating.  Hence I have to keep the bunny hidden and bring him out when required.

And when is “when required”? it is pretty much when I crave for attention.  Mind you.. Gemini are attention freaks, they mostly like to be the center of attention.  That said, I don’t think I always like to be the center of attention.  Sometimes I enjoy being an invisible creature keda, I indulge in the unnoticed spot until I get bored, or the urge hits me, or else have something interesting to say.

I don’t usually talk for the sake of blabbing, coz I blab in my diaries, I tend not to do so in my daily life.  Anyways…I wonder if one day I will ever be admired for my own mildness.

On Human Emotions:

“Happy, smile. Sad, frown. Use the corresponding face with the corresponding emotion”

There is nothing wrong with being angry for a while.  Also, there is nothing naive or stupid about being incurably positive. C’est la vie 😀

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  1. one thing I don’t like about being moody, is that it inflicts a pause on me, and keeps me from doing whatever I should be doing ..

    Is there some kind of prescription for that, I read once that one should always have a ‘list to get you back on track’ thing. [I have cartoon movies on that list]

    Still .. sometimes the mood just doesn’t yield ..

    colors are nice though ..

    What kind of trainer? personal? technical? .. it must be exciting, no?

  2. That’s my Nerroz :))

    Yes, it is perfectly fine to be angr, sad or even self-pitying every now and then. El mohem, we get back to our normal self 🙂

    “my looks nor my attitude are captivating”… hadn’t I known you better, I would have said you’re finishing for compliments 😛 Bethazary seyadtek?!!!! 😛

    Lovely post ya Nerro 🙂 Put a smile on my face 🙂

  3. Ibhog: Cartoon movies are the best for the mood swings, also if you are sitcom buff, you might also find a good mood booster in them 🙂
    P.s: sometimes I have to submit to the mood swings to get rid of all the works, el mohem don’t let it get into you for a logn time.
    I am a business continuity trainer 😀

    Mayo: ya rab is glad to be of service 😉
    walahi am not fishing for compliments wala 7aga 😀 bas this is the way I see myself…gives a chance to work on myself though.

  4. I so much loved the part of “There is nothing wrong with being angry for a while. Also, there is nothing naive or stupid about being incurably positive”… My intimate friend told me once, live your feelings to the extreme… It’s ok to be sad when you feel sad… it’s ok to cry when you need it… it’s ok to be happy when you feel you are… becasue every feeling has its unique taste… and this is what eventually makes the “you” that people know…

  5. sa7 gedan, cannot agree more ya Rou 😀

  6. То что бредомысли это точно 🙂
    Видно настиг творческий кризис. Мысле нет о чем писать 🙂

  7. Virtual hug for now!

    I quite disagree with your assessment of yourself! I was quite captivated at Guapa’s b-day 🙂

  8. flattered big time ya3ni ya Juka 😀

  9. I wasn’t paying you a compliment! I was being sincere! 🙂 TC dear!

  10. Happy birthday Nerro <:o)
    Wishing you the best as always :)))))

  11. Thanks a lot ya Rain, all the best to you as well ya gamila 😀 xoxo

  12. hmm, tab so2al 🙂
    What about smiling while being very sad?? actually laughing while being very sad??
    a belated Happy birthday wish 🙂

  13. Ya Rasha, I don’t think that would do any good. smiling or even laughing while one is gloomy or being attacked by one of those mood swings would work (adopting the fake it to make it theory). However this won’t work if one is “very sad”. It bottles up the real feelings and believe me this would be more like a ticking bomb awaiting the tiniest hint to explode.
    It is not belated wala 7aga…thank you very much 😀

  14. Giving up for your moods to put you up and down is being very weak …once you feel down don’t give up ,,try to resisit by doing something you like ,act quickly cause at the begining your mood will convince you that there is no point of doing anything now but resist and force your self to start something you like ,it really works.

  15. u havent posted in a while, are u ok?

  16. Thanks Mohaly for checking. I am very fine elhamdolelah 🙂 Just pretty busy these days. Hopefully, things will cool down by the end of next week isa, and will be back posting 🙂

  17. I like 🙂

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