of Weird reading habits

odd reading habits In her book Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader; Author Anne Fadiman wrote: “If you truly love a book, you should sleep with it, write in it, read aloud from it, and fill its pages with muffin crumbs..”

Although I loved the book yet, the minute I laid eyes on this particular sentence I had to disagree out loud, and called the lady a BOOK BRUISER (I usually talk to authors and characters while reading 3adi khales).

I then paused to reflect on readers behavior, and tried to compare mine to friends.  It occurred to me that people never seize to amaze you with your eccentricities while reading.  The more you watch them the more you feel compelled to write a book about their odd reading behaviors or habits.

For instance -away from talking to the characters and authors-  me being a neat reader I tend to treat books with extra care. I really really love to see them always as good as new.  My reading kit (see attached photo 😉 includes a Book, eye glasses, and highlighting flags -mind you I don’t use pens, pencils, or fluorescent highlighters-  whenever I come
across favorite lines, quotes, or paragraphs I stick one the flags on them.  Needless to say that each color is of  significance :

Pink: favorite quotes/lines
Yellow: researchable material
Orange: bloggable thoughts 😀
what about green and blue?
Am not big on them ..fa I use them as back-up

What about you!!  Do you have any other odd or intriguing reading habits to confess?

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  1. Oh well, it never occurred to me that reading habits could be that interesting!

    For me, I have this habit of organizing the books I’m gonna read, like I make a queue of them so that I won’t have to worry about picking a new book each time I finish one!

  2. Hahahah I totally agree with you, I love keeping my books in their original new condition. If I need to bookmark something I use the post its. I would die if I had to write anything in a book.

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  4. oh i have the same extra care for books
    i dont twist it, i dont scratch or fold pages
    i never never write on them
    it is always new

    however my favorite books(those i read over and over)usually have stains of tea (my favourite drink)
    as i do sleep with my favourite drink and book :))))

    ah i use clothes labels as a book mark
    if u borrow my book , u will find sxys in pride and prejudice ;)))))))))

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  6. OH, guys we are freaks (well sort of ya3ni) 😀

  7. Mohra, I like the clothes labeling thing. Is there a certain kind of mechanism wala it goes 3ala 7asab ya3ni?

  8. 1. Organizing and categorizing the books by topics or relevance .. sometimes chronologically.
    2. Not being able to be the 2nd reader, I like to buy new books rather than used ones.
    3. Keeping it very neat as if it is new.
    So far I own 3027 books 🙂

    P.S. I like eating pizza when I read Mickey 🙂

  9. مرحبا
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    حتي نتمكن من ارسال البانر الخاص بنا لوضعه على الصفحة الرئيسية حتى يتمكن العديد من القراء في مصر والدول العربية بالاطلاع على مدوناتك المستحدثة
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  10. WOOOOOW @ number 3..you are like my IDOL 😀
    how many mickey issues do you have btw?

  11. no mechanism really but i keep the elegent for my favorite books

  12. LOL Nerro 😀 you’re a freak 😛 no actually that’s the way we treat precious possessions 🙂

    I love your technique so cute and organized.

  13. I like ya Mohra aktar 7aga 😀
    Rain: I am I know :D, bas cannot help it.
    Miss you sweets.

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