Shake it baby

I am at this point where I feel that I really need to turn my life upside down.   It is getting mundane and I feel soooo off track. Like I have stopped when a new year decided to unravel.

I am not whining about my life bel3aks.  El7amdolelah, am leading a very good thankful and grateful for the stability that people sometimes crave for.  What I mean here is that I as a person, have not done something of an impact to anyone or myself in the past few months.  Have not improved a tad on the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual levels, have not done something that I would be really proud of (away from READ).   I unintentionally decided to resort to comfort zone, it was delightful at the beginning.  But now, I feel so…..(I don’t know the word, or maybe I know it but just don’t’ want to admit).

Am waaaaaaaaay off track, am not happy with my dormant status… and I have to do something about it.

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Ramadan Gana :D

aw zamano gay ya3ni 😀

100_733LR4It has been a year already??  I love the atmosphere, the preparations, the colorful lanterns (and I mean the original Egyptian ones, not the tasteless Chinese) -I mean have you seen the korombu fanoos!!- and the spirit that makes up for the whole year.

I had the chance to go out this morning and stroll around the Hussein Area (where one can really feel that Ramadan is really a tiny tad away).  Lovely (zeena) in the alleys, not to mention the nuts, dates, and hibiscus….it was sort of an extravagant  ceremony for the senses walahi.

May you have a blessed Ramadan..enjoy it to the fullest, and get the best out of it 😀

Ramadan Kareem (tam ta tam tam tam)

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Obra…Obra..Obra: or 2asr sakafet saft el laban. That’s what I can now call the once allegedly was the Cairo Opera House. (after attending a musical at the MAIN HALL).

The Cairo Tower: ewww, what’s with the flashing lights. For those who haven’t seen this yet. The tower now hideously lights up with different color schemes. (a7mar, asfar, mauve, and sometimes kolo ma3 ba3do).

Praxa: a superb musical comedy; a live proof that Egyptian extraordinary talents do exist, and they are no longer urban myths or deceased legends. The whole show (performance, music, and Scenography) was simply candy for the soul.

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Autumn in New York

Autumn in New York is not the best movie ever, but for some reasons I just like it. Richard Gere and Winona Ryder are wonderful, I like Winona Ryder originally coz she is the one who did Jo March character in Little women the movie.

Although the movie theme is just an old and repeated one yet there are moments and quotes that I can’t just let go:

When Will told Charlotte, “you ruined me for other women” she said “I saved you for them”.

“There’s only 2 kinds of love stories in this world…boy loses girl, girl loses boy…that’s it. Somebody always gets left behind”

When Will told charlotte “I am too old for you” she replied “I collect antiques”.

Since I am a fan, Charlotte quoting Emily Dickinson, the # 1 American female poet, was just perfect.

Gotta leave now, but not without quoting Dickison too :))

POOR little heart!
Did they forget thee?
Then dinna care! Then dinna care!

Proud little heart!
Did they forsake thee?
Be debonair! Be debonair!

Frail little heart!
I would not break thee:
Could’st credit me? Could’st credit me?

Gay little heart!
Like morning glory
Thou’ll wilted be; thou’ll wilted be!

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Eve Behind Bars

A place where rhetorical Eve is way far from being the all time desired femme… The first thing you hear is a harsh woman yelling….HEY YOU…Dry up your tears, do not expect neither our sympathy nor compassion…..

Familiar faces; ordinary cheery grandmother, a high school girl full of promise, a passer by mute woman, or even the next door neighbor….all there for different reasons….yet crime and violence drove them to the same fate.

Chaos, mental illness, and depression inside the walls of solitary confinements….lost and scared…. 23 hours a day and the only human contact is a voice on the other side of the wall ….wonder what were their dreams??? Well, don’t even think about it …only debris of crashed dreams and ambitions can be found.

Day by day they find their way, inside the new not hospitalbe enough residence. WOMEN STILL WOMEN… creative cooks, neat housewives, and show girls singing and dancing awaiting the audience applause.

At the end of the hallway, a woman sentenced for lifetime…singing a song for hope despite of her despair.

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