Autumn in New York

Autumn in New York is not the best movie ever, but for some reasons I just like it. Richard Gere and Winona Ryder are wonderful, I like Winona Ryder originally coz she is the one who did Jo March character in Little women the movie.

Although the movie theme is just an old and repeated one yet there are moments and quotes that I can’t just let go:

When Will told Charlotte, “you ruined me for other women” she said “I saved you for them”.

“There’s only 2 kinds of love stories in this world…boy loses girl, girl loses boy…that’s it. Somebody always gets left behind”

When Will told charlotte “I am too old for you” she replied “I collect antiques”.

Since I am a fan, Charlotte quoting Emily Dickinson, the # 1 American female poet, was just perfect.

Gotta leave now, but not without quoting Dickison too :))

POOR little heart!
Did they forget thee?
Then dinna care! Then dinna care!

Proud little heart!
Did they forsake thee?
Be debonair! Be debonair!

Frail little heart!
I would not break thee:
Could’st credit me? Could’st credit me?

Gay little heart!
Like morning glory
Thou’ll wilted be; thou’ll wilted be!

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