Obra…Obra..Obra: or 2asr sakafet saft el laban. That’s what I can now call the once allegedly was the Cairo Opera House. (after attending a musical at the MAIN HALL).

The Cairo Tower: ewww, what’s with the flashing lights. For those who haven’t seen this yet. The tower now hideously lights up with different color schemes. (a7mar, asfar, mauve, and sometimes kolo ma3 ba3do).

Praxa: a superb musical comedy; a live proof that Egyptian extraordinary talents do exist, and they are no longer urban myths or deceased legends. The whole show (performance, music, and Scenography) was simply candy for the soul.

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  1. Cairo Tower became Cairo Circus!

    where is praxa performed?

  2. exactly :))
    Praxa was performed @ 2asr sakafet saft el laban

  3. I especially hate the red it’s very creepy :S

  4. The Opera House: I’m always lucky! I have NEVER seen any of the things people are always complaining about. 🙂

    Cairo Tower: It actually reminds me of the Emad Ba3rour song “el3enab” :S

    Praxa: missed it, like almost everything I’ve been missing this wretched summer! 😦

  5. Ibhog: have you seen the combination of Red & Green!!

    Deee: a) lucky you
    b) ba3rour like fe3lan (thanks for the elaboration)
    c) I hope they run another performance, they have to besara7a :))

  6. i said the same while attending the same show (which i really loved>>>spcially cute boshra)
    i was so embaressed as i was draging someone to opera for his first time and said alot of bla bla bla about it (what a shame as if it was my mistake??????????)
    thats egypt!!!!!!!!

  7. unfortuantely yes. Kasfa awi ya3ni

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