Shake it baby

I am at this point where I feel that I really need to turn my life upside down.   It is getting mundane and I feel soooo off track. Like I have stopped when a new year decided to unravel.

I am not whining about my life bel3aks.  El7amdolelah, am leading a very good thankful and grateful for the stability that people sometimes crave for.  What I mean here is that I as a person, have not done something of an impact to anyone or myself in the past few months.  Have not improved a tad on the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual levels, have not done something that I would be really proud of (away from READ).   I unintentionally decided to resort to comfort zone, it was delightful at the beginning.  But now, I feel so…..(I don’t know the word, or maybe I know it but just don’t’ want to admit).

Am waaaaaaaaay off track, am not happy with my dormant status… and I have to do something about it.

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  1. I feel the same. It’s the August effect sadda2eeny. Summer makes us lazy keda shwaya 🙂

  2. I so relate to that.

  3. Execuse me, are you quoting me? 😉
    i hope it is just the august effect or else it will be a big problem for all of us!

  4. Excuse me, are you quoting me? 😉
    i hope it is just the august effect or else it will be a big problem for all of us

  5. (am I begad??)
    keda..teb2a probably august effect. I am trying to work on a shaking plan 😀

  6. 🙂

    Tayeb, it is a very good step that you faced yourself with the problem 🙂 I believe that life is like a cook. To make a good cook, you have to make a checklist with the super tasty ingredients that would make it the best cook ever!

    So, 1- so far you did not like the current cook.
    2- You have to dream with the taste you are missing. (Goals, fun,…)
    3- Write down your checklist with the additives, spices and perfect ingredients that would let you realize (2)
    4- Dangala, dangala keda,… put your spices…(tiny achievement) till you get your perfect life. please remember the French quotes that says: ” Petit a petit l’oiseau fait son nit” – matesta3gelish – =)

  7. i like the cook analogy! Nerro, we have to go through a stage of comfortable numbness, laze around a bit, enjoy the calm, get used to it and then wake up and face the world refreshed! At least that’s how i do things.. weighing the scale up and down.. shewaya hard work, shewaya antakha and then a short ‘down’ period and a wake up call, and off we go again.. burning ourselves and working like crazy and climbing that ladder of life and achieving things till we reach another ledge where we stop to take our breath. and summer (or july/august to be specific is usually the down time. so it’s good you realized it and now you can stand up and “shake it, baby”! 🙂

  8. Nerro, just same feeling not excat quote ya3nee. By the way check my latest post about stress (593) and how it is physically killing me.

    Amira, I don’t know why, but I have read your comment 3 times. It touched something inside. Yes we should do that.

  9. mmm .. I very much feel the same ya nerro!

  10. sa7 ya Mira 😀
    Mohaly: take care buddy…mesh mestahla begad.
    Dido: don’t shake it delwa2ti law sama7ti…will happen automatically in a few months 😀

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