2009 is over with..next!!

2009 has passed with all its ups and downs, been a heck of a year..cannot say it was a bad one at all el7amdolelah on many levels, yet I have to admit that I have royally been flushed..and to be more honest I played a significant role in getting myself down there (hence the disappointment).

Highlights of the year;

1- Accepting a new challenge at work; was able to position myself among the top players in a short time…and am determined to stay as is until I call it quits isa.

2- Europe Trip:  another out of comfort zone challenge; budget travel, sharing small spaces with others and trying to adapt while letting go of “my space/distance obsession”…resulted on a strengthened friendship, a memorable, heart warming trip..and numerous lessons to last for a life time.

3- READ Newspaper: I started off writing reviews, and currently managing the Book Fair page…Dido thinks that I am helping out in this in a friendly way.  Yet for me this is an opportunity; am learning a lot, acquiring new personal and professional skills, getting to know a lot about myself and others, and I tend to consider part of my community service participation as well.

 4- I managed to FORGIVE (I really did).

In 2010, I wish I can be more productive, write more (specially in Arabic). Learn a new thing (am still trying to find a fer2a masra7eya motagawela), exercise regularly, go the white desert and Siwa, regain my energy level, recapture those priceless moments of connection with God…and be a better person. w ya rab emotional fulfillment men 3andak.



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  1. yaa rab all your wishes come true.

  2. “we ya Rab emotional fulfillment men 3andank” … AMEN AMEN AMEN 😀

    “fer2a masra7eyya motagawella” … lool… ma32ol ya bent enty dah? 😀

    2009 was one heck of a year fe3lan… for many people. Ya Rab 2010 to be more fruitful and lovelier 🙂


  3. what a busy year , i think learning to forgive is the real gain , and the trip…..it must be quite an adventure

  4. :))))

    Ameen ya nerro .

    But just a question on #4 , how did u do it ?? 🙂 I am trying to do it ba2aly 3 years and no luck! any advice?

  5. you just need to realize that it is not gonna get you anywhere…and it sort of liberates you.
    it took me almost 3 years bardo to be able to 😀

  6. Salaam Aalikum,

    A lovely summary, although I don’t know what a fer2a masra7eya motagawela is. May 2010 bring you blessings and joy, insha Allah

  7. Hi Nerro,
    I like this post 🙂 and I encourage you to forgive and to see the bright side of everything. find your peace dear but be always wise and never forget. as for writing, write as much as you can. tell your story, be an example to others… in-sha2-Allah 2010 will be a beautiful fruitful year. May Allah bless you every moment in your life.

  8. Where have you been ya Nermeen, it has been a whole month since ur last post?

  9. have a nice 2010 a head … keep the +ve spirit on 🙂

  10. Safiya: w 3alaykom el Salam…fer2a masra7eya motagawela, if more like a wandering theatrical group. Wishing you the same and more isa 🙂

    Thank you Rawani…am doing my best aho :)) Amen..ya Rab 3alena gami3an.

    Mo: a new post coming up soon isa :))

    Live: have a wonderful 2010 yourself 😀

  11. So, these are great achievements for the year 2009 😀 Bravo bella …

    and you are comforting me saying “Dido thinks that I am helping out in this in a friendly way. Yet for me this is an opportunity” .. I have to add that you are doing marvelous and great, I am the lucky regarding this 😉

    love you and miss you ..

  12. miss you loads little Mama scarecely online :))
    tab assign bookfair l7ad tani ba2a ;p

  13. assign bookfair le7ad tany?!!!

    *lies on the street, coughs and dies* :d

  14. 😀 ba3d el shar

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