Getting rid of the Gigi inside me

It is February already!!! the blog’s 5th anniversary 😀

A few months later we will be wondering how on earth did 2010 came to an end that quickly!!

On movies and the new generation:

Yesterday I went to the movies to watch the new Dawood 3abdel Sayed’s Rasa2el El Ba7r. To start off I was amazed to see the number of kids standing in the line to get their tickets!! Am talking 10-13 yrs old kids here.

Note to you: the movie is lel kobar faqat!!!

Ma 3alena…standing in the line, my amazement has turned to sheer discontent finding all those kids playing (yes as in a toy not a mobile business tool) with their Black Berries!! I don’t want to be judgmental here…but seriously where are the parents!!!!

on the movie ba2a…and regardless of the guy sitting behind me who took on himself the responsibility of reciting the script word by word…fa I think it is one of the best Arabic ones I’ve seen in a while. Ah…and a very very important note; Asser Yassin is a very talented actor., da tab3an besides that fact that he is super attractive.

On a personal bit: “El wad albo beyewga3o w 3ayez 7ad yedala3o”

I wrote to someone “Had I the capacity to hate people, I would have hated you…I actually would have created hate groups in your name and promoted them, yet I don’t know how to do that…for me the opposite of love is not is indifference” and yes I quoted Dr. Seuss on a hate note…not quite sure if my hate note been taken seriously though!!! Hatred could be liberating…..sometimes.

The Book Fair:

A.K.A..the annual book fiesta, which has now turned into ma3rad el sela3 el mo3amera!! This year when you think about strolling around the different pavilions, be prepared…salesmen will haunt you down and bombard you with fliers and offers to buy laptops, TVs, and mobiles!!! DIS_A_PPOINT_ING.

For more details about the CIBF..check out Mermaid & Ibhog’s review on READ newspaper ;))

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  1. Bon Anniversaire 🙂

    I like your hate note and I agree hate could be liberating sometimes. It is good to get the negative feeling out instead of trying to rise above them. It is saving energy for better things and it is the shortest way to indifference.

    What did you get from the book fair? 🙂

  2. merci beaucoup 🙂
    I got:
    Letter to my daughter – Maya Angelou
    The prophet – the english version
    American Gods – Neil Gaiman
    The color of magic – Terry Pratchet
    الوقائع الغريبة في اختفاء سعيد ابي النحس المتشائل – اميل حبيبي
    ملك وثلاثة روءساء – طارق حبيب

  3. Yaah ya Nerro! You cant ever imagine how some of your words here brought with them one of my beautiful memories. almost one year ago, I wrote to someone: “hate” is not the opposite of “love” but “indifference” that is the opposite. PS, “hate” can be an extreme expression of love 😉 – and I remember that I was very happy while writing these words.

    Well, hate is such a bad feeling. I never hated anyone; and actually I cant start with him :/

    Happy Anniversary NERMEENA – If music be the food of love, play on 🙂

  4. I am glad to read your blog, you have been almost dead for some time
    I didn’t see the movie yet but i am planning to, and your comment is encouraging me.

  5. R: happy to see you around, Amen to that :))
    Ramez: I am here aho alive and kicking, yes go for will like it :))

  6. Nice About-It-All Post 😀

    I love reading here!

  7. Ella meen gigi deh?

  8. and here loves you :))
    Gigi is the girl from He is just not that into you.

  9. I really wish to see this blog in its 25th Anniversary :))
    I guess you will be 35 by then 😉

  10. first happy anniversary

    about rhe movie its really insuring as i was planning to go later this week….and of course the parents of the BB kids are busy getting money to buy the BB

    about hatred, i think it equal dispise in my dictionary

    finally its a pity whats happening in book fair,nevertheless it will be always a pleasure to be among all these books

  11. elmoshkela ya nermeena enno :
    الكره يوم بيهون … الحب ميهونشي

    or at least for some people …. what to do fy el7ala dy ??

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