The night the Egyptian Cultural Scene was slapped on the face

Last Thursday during the long awaited Ziad El Rahbani Concert I Camel’s sentence kept on reverberating  in mind “Culture is an attitude”….

What happened in the cultural wheel last Thursday was a true offence to the word “culture”.   A lot of Ziad El Rahbani lovers were high and ecstatic since they heard that he will be performing in Egypt during the Cairo Jazz Festival.  Alas, the event was a disappointment: here is a hint of what happened

We knew beforehand it is a standing kind of concert; yet we barely found a place to step in.   The culture wheel over-sold  the overpriced tickets for the event, that they practically ruined the experience for those who paid to enjoy the music.

Ps: I would have contentedly paid double or triple the ticket price if the event was at the opera house that’s for sure, only becoz I would have been positive that it will be a magnificent experience.

The culture wheel adopts a no smoking policy in its premises; awesome no? well…that didn’t happen on Thursday, during the break everyone rushed to the sides of the river hall  -which we took a refuge to listen only to Ziad’s music and reconciled with the fact that we won’t see the performance-  to smoke ignoring not only the convenience of the others but only their safety, let alone the rules of the place.

When I asked the only available organizer to stop them from smoking, he shrugged and said that he tried, but they won’t stop.

The concert, organizers, and attendance were an extreme disappointment.   The whole thing  was pretty much a bunch on the face to the fragile alleged cultural scene in Egypt

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  1. That is so sad. It is a shame they didn’t organize it better it could have been the night of a lifetime

  2. oh, there were people who got alcohol in too, hidden in soda cans/bottles! problem was behaving drunk after drinking, not just the drinking!

    i think sawy should be closed! just like everything in Egypt, “beyrakhaso kol 7aga leeha eima!!” with their commercial attitude!

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