On beliefs

I believe that God is great, and he is “Merciful”, I read that in the Quran and in many a7adith, yet the yaqeen made it to my heart long time ago through experience.

I believe am neither a good person, nor a bad person but a “jumble of passions, misgivings, and wants”, and if I practiced the required amount of discipline, I can pretty much turn to the wants into a guaranteed source of contentment.

I believe that I need to stop rambling on the Facebook and start utilizing this blog to spill my heart out as I used to do.

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  1. Loved the last decision, we missed u ya Nerro:-)

  2. thanks a lot ya Enas..and i missed being around as well 😀

  3. Please do, feen ayam el daily discussion on your or my blog…

    and u r good more than bad 🙂

  4. Yes,please..!
    You know what i feel so.I feel i should have a blog and “spill my heart out” as i never did.!
    Even if this blog was only broadcasting for me..!
    I want… 😦

  5. I believe you’re a good person .. a very good person 🙂

    and I miss your writings 🙂

  6. 😀 Ramadan Kareem guys…
    I wish I can write more…trying aho.
    thank you very much for your lovely words.

  7. I found this blog by an absolute chance while surfing the spider web for a research article. The person who owns this window has very deep-seated opinions about life. To those of us who read and digest the underlying meanings behind the displayed words, they will realize that some utterly invaluable thoughts are being delivered by the writer straight into the reader’s heart. Look around in that blog and you will find many finely crafted phrases which transpire with eternal flames of contemplation. I would rate this site as A+


  8. Aywa aywa… I miss my daily visits here to check on new posts 🙂

    Reading you, whatever you write or even quote, is always inspiring and has a taste keda ya Nerro 🙂

    Rakkezz hena 3al blog ya 3abdel 3aal 😉

  9. Thanks a million Khaled for your lovely words….I am deeply touched 😀

    Mayo: rabena yekremek….harakez ya Sawsan 7ader xoxo

  10. I am tempted to learn if your exceptional talents are a mere blend of sacred gifts that happened to coexist in your blueprint, of if those talents were also guided by high-end education up to a Ph.D. level. It is acutely vivid that Ph.D. education in a world renowned institution can undoubtedly fine-tune our views and open numerous avenues of expertise. I am known to be a blunt person who appreciates actions over words and by standard measures, I am not here to seek any grey interactions that are often mistaken for a friendship or partner searching. I am rather here talking about a much more serious case and would like to offer my sincere support to a fellow Egyptian citizen whom I know can make us all proud. I am a dedicated Egyptian scientist who has been living in North America for about a decade and counting, I am better suited to find you an exceptional chance in one of the top 10 US-based world renowned instituions that can secure the continuity of your finest possible education. Egypt does need people like you all the time, and I am in interested in saving our world one more crime against humanity which is currently taking effect if someone like you can not find her way through official channels. Let me know if you want to proceed and I will do my very best to hook you up to one of the greatest universities of all time without getting to know your name or any details about your life. Your exceptional writing skills must stand out before the entire world at some point. Remember: I will only show you where the sea side is and how to grab your boat, but it will be your entire responsibility to sail your journey through by keeping in mind that failure should not be an option in your case. This will be particularly relevant when you experience -first hand- the merciless academic life in the US of A.


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