She digresses

Ramadan Kareem 😀  it is Ramadan that everyone including myself claims eno geh fag2a..I guess it is not fag2a, it is just we were not ready…and generally speaking we are never ready.  A few days later…we will be exclaiming how fast it went.

I’ve been feeling so down since the sudden stop of READ, I’ve been so high on it…had a vision and plans…everyone who contributed to the paper did.  Couldn’t face teams disappointment, as I couldn’t contain mine.  I was disappointed cause I believed, it wasn’t a tough dream..but it wasn’t my dream to fight for although I felt I should have been given the chance to.  

 To ……..:

I hate when you connect on a very superficial level, while I KNOW that you can go a whole lot deeper.  I am tired of trying to get you there, and I wouldn’t really mind if you said you don’t want to…just say it and I will succumb to your wish. 

PS: I want to have memories with you.

Now re. the aforementioned point, why do I need “his” confirmation to act accordingly, I have all the sings that says I need to back off…yet here comes an excruciatingly important question; should I go with “his” words and confirmation, wala with my intuition and feelings!!!

PS: This is a hypothetical question…I don’t want an answer.

“Sometimes when I say I am fine..I want someone to look me in the eyes and say tell the truth”

Movie Recommendation: Inception…the kind of movie that would keep you glued to your seat, thinking and wondering…and will haunt you for days after watching.

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  1. I relate to your letter, sadly!

  2. I’d like to wish you a blessed Ramadan, May Allah accept from us and from you (our deeds). Ameen. Please keep all the Muslims in your Dua and don’t forget to eat 🙂

  3. This Ramadan is weird, I have no energy khales!

  4. Ma3lesh ya Deppy
    Sara: thank you Sara…a blessed Ramadan to you as well..I will dear 😀
    Mohaly: same here….my energy level dropped bghalasa

  5. I spent most of my life pushing buttons. This is due to my job which requires working with machines. All machines are virtually as smart as the user. Thus, it is always my mistake when something goes wrong in a human-machine interaction. But dealing with humans is a different spin. Human-human interactions is arguably the most complicated experience in anyone’s life. Basic models of psychology break down on a daily basis when we read stories of people committing the absolute opposite of what the book says or what we expect. Heavy emotional investments in others therefore, becomes the biggest gamble in today’s world. The truth behind actions gets blurry, words start taking continental dimensions and expectations keep shrinking or expanding based on how slippery our grounds. We live in a world full of Machiavellians who excel in taking shortcuts to the top at the expense of any value or any heart. What should we do then? I personally think that the more times we allow our hearts to unlock, the more we become vulnerable. The password to our hearts should be difficult to decipher. When we encounter a seemingly loving and caring individual, it will be important for us to walk the fine line between easing up and blocking them away. The beauty of the password is that no matter how sophisticated it could be, it remains readable only by the right humans.

  6. but READ stopped just temporarily, no?

  7. Everything alive is in continuous motion without quibbling. Motion is certainly a conspicuous feature that verifies one’s existense. People keep travelling in all directions to constantly earn their living. Animals move tirelessly in search for a prey and examples from all branches of life could take volumes to speak about from both perspectives, the motion style and its purpose. Even my beloved bacteria move in a brownian fashion to either get into close proximity with a nutrient source or to hide from the immunity surveillance. More painful forms of motion are exemplified by birds migrating to warmer weathers and they save no effort in crossing continents for such purpose. Also seeds take on the daunting task of dwelling through soil surface so that they could ultimately tender a new form of life. The most painful forms of motion could be seen in people trying to collect the broken pieces after losing a family member or after going through uneven relationships that completely get on their nerves and faith. After successive rounds of trial/error, floating and sinking, humans end up managing to move ahead with their lives since motion is the cardinal rule of our living world. The only thing that doesn’t move is this Blog. Will the posts become biannually instead of monthly? Any clue?


  8. Hi Khaled..hopefully not 😀 was off from the world during the eid and all.

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