‪Les Petits Plaisirs de NE :D‬

3ala gherar Les Petits Plaisirs d’Amelie….She enjoys all sorts of little pleasures :D‬

‪- Sloshing in cold water after a steamy shower.‬

‪- The pleasant smell of trees and greenery after the rain.‬

‪- Taking a spoonful of a freshly cooked Molokheya (men el 7alla) while ta2leya is still crispy.‬

‪- Finding money even a coin…in her jeans pockets or coats.‬

‪- Turning on the radio…and accidentally hearing the right song that suits the constantly changing mood.‬

‪- Stumbling across people who can understand her incomplete sentences.‬

‪- A child’s giggle and elderly happily contoured face.‬

‪- An unexpected friendly gesture; from a sincere pat on a shoulder to a warm hug.‬

‪- Devouring a big sized Nutella jar and sipping coffee over a cozy chit chat on a bench across the Nile.‬

‪- The salty taste of a pickled onion after a heavenly piece of basboosa.‬

‪- The smell of freshly baked pastries in the house. Or the way the house smells on Friday.‬

‪- Walking barefoot on marble floors…the open space inside the Citadel’s (Mohamed Ali) Mosque in specific.‬

‪- Watching kittens clumsily trying to work their way through.‬

‪- Seeing a starfish‬

‪- An Adrenaline rush.‬

‪- Knowing a secret that very few or better no one else knows.‬

‪- Anagram-ing her long drives away…nothing serves perfectly as the new car plates :D‬

‪- Cuddling, watching movies, and sipping hot chocolate in a lazy cold Saturday afternoon.‬

‪- The soft velvety texture of a warda baladi‬

‪- Rinsing seasonal strawberries and inhaling the entrancing aroma.‬

‪- A gentle deep eye contact with a beloved that conveys that she is the WORLD without saying it.‬

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  1. I love the list

    And apparently we share the love to lots of those little things 🙂

  2. tayeb share yours ya Shi 😀

  3. The last “item” on this list of “little” pleasures is never little. There is swirling controversy in academia regarding how creatures other than humans do exchange mututal consent prior to engaging in any physical activity of an emotional nature. We have no reason beyond the level of doubt to believe that insects, for instance, do talk with each other. Thus, the only possible explanation of how “couples” convey love in the world of entomolgy is solely attributed to body language. The least intellectual way to deliver the meanings of love to your partner is by directly saying it, and this way is almost entirely booked for humans to use. Genuine love has never been a tool to try when everything goes wrong by thinking that the mouth duty “I love you” will be the cure of a big mess you have already created. Solid love is always judged by the quality of feelings, actions, sacrifices and how much this combo is valued by the other side. My favorite laboratory tool has always been the funnel. Just like a funnel, there are hundreds of different stories explaining how and why did love start. My mother spent alomst 35 years of her academic life studying only one topic: Why love stories fade and how they end. She examined hundreds of cases from 5 continents and came to the conclusion that if the questions is: How love started? There are countless numbers of stories that all lead to Rome. But if one asks, why did it end? There is just a handlful of reasons – 5 reasons to be quite specific – among which, comes the truth that couples who fail have never watched out for the signs of failure along the way. Amongst the main reasons behind failure, comes the lack of meaningful eye contacts and body language. In a more complex way of looking at it, I can never teach my partner to understand what my eyes are implying because simply put, they either have it or they do not. One burden after the other starts to happen, leading to a whole new chapter of taking each other forgranted until feelings of respect become irreversibly damaged. This takes us back to one of my earlier replies confirming that human-human interactions are always complicated. However Nermeena, your last item reads: “….. that conveys that she is the WORLD without saying it.” Before the eye contact conveys that meaning, she first has to truely mean the world for him.


  4. kolohom helween awy 😀
    da7aketny awy beta3et el molokheya dee .. I dont share this one awy, but the rest I think are mine too!

  5. ‪- Stumbling across people who can understand her incomplete sentences.‬

    always makes me feel like “hey! wut do u know .. here’s another one who doesnt find you a complete weirdo!” 😀

    thumbs up for the rest 🙂

  6. “‪Stumbling across people who can understand her incomplete sentences”

    .. I rarely reach the ‘ah ya 2alby’ moment, but it just took place :d

    post more please!

  7. This list made me smile ya Nerro 🙂
    It’s these small things which make a difference..

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