On those very cold nights

All I need is a hug.

Although am in a dire need for that hug..yet I deliberately walk away from people. I enjoy long walks in cold weather. Tonight I decided I don’t want to sit, chit-chat, and laugh. I want to walk….silently. I love those moments when I don’t have to do anything, when I enjoy the emptiness.  One thing I can effortlessly do is indulging in my own space.  My aura is my own space, where I get to accommodate myself comfortably inside a sealed bubble.

I love winter, long walks, and paradoxes…my life has been nothing but a series of interesting paradoxes attached to one another. First, it happened…then I adopted the concept. I thrive incontrast.

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I get by with a little help from my friends

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on Beliefs

I believe in wearing anything beautiful, colorful, and comfy.  I believe in smiling at strangers. In being chaotic and crooked and compassionate.  I believe in stars and the way some thousand year old dust of theirs is sitting inside your chest right now.  I believe in chances and signs, and I believe in something much more marvelous and outside the stretch of my understanding.  I believe in the sand beneath my toes.  I believe in sun burns and getting your hands dirty.   I believe in potential.  In fireworks in the bottom of a waterlogged soul.   I believe in love and wonder and magic at first sight, at after sight and ever and ever sight, at every single god damn sight.  I believe in believing, i believe in reason and lack thereof.  I believe in logic and sanity, and everything that undermines it.  Everything that ditches all the rules when required.  I believe in music being turned all the way up and the windows rolled down, I believe in things with and without words.  I believe in unconditional and I believe in a love that isn’t jealous or selfish or could be at times.  I believe in things this world tells me are foolish, and I believe in them passionately and without apologies.  I believe that science can only tell me how and history can only tell me when but neither can tell me why.  I believe in being limitless and fascinated than confined and nodding my head.

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الله محبة

“The fact that religions, which usually have at their core a promotion of tolerance and peace, have been exploited to carry out violence clearly indicates that individuals and groups have not discovered the true “peace message” that is inherent in almost every religion.    (by Cilliers, Ch. 3, p. 55)”

                                             — David R. Smock (Interfaith Dialogue and Peacebuilding)


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Satisfied (El7amdolelah) :D


Don’t be timid
Don’t be afraid to hurt
Run toward the flame, run toward the fire
Hold on for all your worth

Cause the only real pain
Your heart can never know
Is the feeling of regret
When you don’t let your feeling’s show
So did you say it
Did you mean it
Did you lay it on the line, did you make it count
Did you look ‘em in the eye & did they feel it
Did you say in time
Did you say out loud
Cause if you did Hun
Then you lived some
And that feeling inside
It’s called satisfied

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Oath of Intention

“Love and kindness will be my greatest talents.

I will have true love, health, wealth, abundance and longevity.

I will know myself, love myself, develop myself and protect myself.

I will continually seek to understand, know and sympathize with my fellow man.

I will strive to cultivate the positive, and will resist indulging in negativity.

I will take without forgetting, and give without remembering.

I will teach others through example, that much can be done will little if you only have the desire.

I will live my dream, not dream it;  live it with morals, and live it with a heart that’s kind and not judgmental, vain or conceited.”

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My heart goes to…

All those who have lost their loved ones in this vicious incident…all those who have been injured.
And to Egypt who wept her night away.

“من قتل نفساً بغير نفس أو فساد في الأرض فكأنّما قتل النّاس جميعاً ومن أحياها فكأنّما أحيا النّاس جميعاً”


لكل فتاة أو شاب سكندري يتوجه بأقصى سرعة للمستشفى الألماني في ٥٦ شارع عبدالسلام عارف أو مستشفى شرق المدينة والتبرع بالدم .. اخواتنا بتموت ونقطة دم هتفرق معاهم
للاتصال هاتفيا بالمستشفيات:
035841806 – 010279744 -035841717
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on Tears

“We cry when something is sad. Then we often shed a tear when something’s beautiful as well. When something’s funny or ugly, we laugh. Perhaps we are sad when something is beautiful because we know that it won’t last forever. Then we start laughing when something is ugly because we understand it’s only a joke.

Clowns are funny to look at because they’re dreadfully ugly. When they take off their masks in front of the mirror, they become very handsome. That’s why clowns are so sad and unhappy everytime they go into their circus caravans and slam the door behind them.”

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