on Tears

“We cry when something is sad. Then we often shed a tear when something’s beautiful as well. When something’s funny or ugly, we laugh. Perhaps we are sad when something is beautiful because we know that it won’t last forever. Then we start laughing when something is ugly because we understand it’s only a joke.

Clowns are funny to look at because they’re dreadfully ugly. When they take off their masks in front of the mirror, they become very handsome. That’s why clowns are so sad and unhappy everytime they go into their circus caravans and slam the door behind them.”

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  1. what a start for the new year… =)

    It’s so deep yet..I always tend to thought when we see something that’s so beautiful we burst into tears as heart has been filled till its utmost with love and grace that god had put on earth… then we find out that our hearts are too small just to embrace this love and all this beauty…u’d feel blessed in a way that made u cry of joy =))

    may u always be blessed with the embrace of beauty wherever it’s all over the year xxx

  2. Allah ya Sal..I love your perception gedan. Makes sense to me.
    Amen 7abebti..may you never fail to see or embrace the beauty around you xoxo

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