The events are grand that no words can describe your feelings,  your heart cannot contain the immense amount of emotions that goes all the way from joyful  to mournful. The scale is inconsistent, not a regular 1-10 kinda scale,  it is  1 or 10.

On the 25th we woke up to a new Egypt. A country that we have been reminiscing over, dreaming of, willing to have and live in one day.  A country that was in labor…for 30 long obnoxious years.

I have to admit that before the 25th, I was one of those who didn’t believe. Didn’t take it seriously…I didn’t know a revolution could be an event on facebook; liked and tweeted! Yet on the 25th when I saw the humongous number people pouring into Midan El Tahrir…I broke into tears. I was like ento konto fein, where have you been, why did it take the volcano 30 years to erupt. I didn’t get the answer instantaneously.  I got it in fragments; during the past 14 days.

Where everyone around said, we are around.   We are revolting in Tahrir, Brothers and sisters… paying the price from our comfort and blood…and won’t come back without the flags high up in the sky again.  your pride…our pride.

We are under your building protecting you and your family as those who vowed to failed to do their jobs, yet darling we love you..and would take the harm on us…you go sleep.

We are cleaning the mess in the streets, and putting things back in order..you know, it is a new-born country a.k.a Baheya.

We are roaming the streets to make sure that everyone is fed and warm enough in such cold days;  a lot of people are suffering from the lack of work enforced by the curfew.

We are the noble people of Egypt who would rather die than submit to corruption, terror, and oppression. We are the dreamers who are turning their life long dream into reality.

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