Akhla2 El Thawra

No one can argue that the Egyptian street has witnessed a leap in behaviors and attitude.  Something that we have been missing long ago.  At points we thought each of us lives in his/her own bubble and turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to surroundings.  But since the beginning of the revolution we all decided to look around and hold hands.  In order to keep the same spirit (causeit is the only thing that will keep us going through the long way we chose) we HAVE to maintain the same behaviors we have adopted throughout the past period. Everyday I will be posting one of akhla2 el thawra that we have all seen and cherished.

1- Smile; it is contagious     تبسمك في وجه أخيك صدقة

2- Show more respect, encouragement, and gratitude to those whose work enforces them to stay in the street all day long. Traffic officers, sweepers,  sellers, etc.

3- Know your rights, and what you are entitled to. Don’t settle for less..medicore..a job half done.

4-  Cultivate the positive, and resist indulging in negativity…fal taqol khayran aw tasmot. We are in dire need for the amazing collective positive energy.

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  1. Let’s hope those traits and good deeds last, and people won’t give up on them.

  2. The Utopia that was there in Tahrir for about a week is worth documenting!

  3. yes ya ze2red..that’s why we have to keep reminding each other. We have a long way to go.

    Marooned 84: there is an initiative to do that isa.

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