4/365 Lost


“Getting lost is just another way of saying going exploring”

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3/365 what are you waiting for


When you see every possible sign….run.  There is nothing brave or romantic about waiting for a different end while walking the same path recognizing the resemblance in oblivion.

                 “she could escape only by leaving a piece of herself behind.”

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2/365 The road not taken

Salah Salem Traffic Jam

Bey2ollak the road not taken (see the other side of Salah Salem, yes the side am not taking) is always flowing without any congestion (ma3 el i3tezar l Frost).

Speaking of traffic. The drive to and from Downtown is killing me these days. It is fine in the morning, I go out fairly early to avoid the rush, yet in the evening it is inevitable.  ehe2 :(””

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1/365 Smile.. My 365 photo project: commitment challenge

Maha’s project inspired me to take the challenge…the commitment of posting/taking one photo a day. I won’t go for inspirational, but something that impacts/impacted my day. Let’s see how will this go.

Fridge Notes

This is the kind of notes we leave to each other at home. Mama sleeps early and wakes up obnoxiously early..and in order to convey a message of skipping a work day, I usually leave her a note (as illustrated above).  Purpose is (besides I don’t want to wake up early in a day off) ? to make her smile first thing is the morning. Why? cause she always makes me smile first thing in the morning and by always I mean even in (her) times of distress.

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