3andek Matbakh??

I yearn to the time where all it took to befriend someone was a simple sentence like “momken netsa7eb?” or if you wanted to raise the bar for them a bit you would go for “3andek matbakh?”

Zaman when we were young we sort of figured early on that friendship/companionship is what we need; ,we were open, clear, and specific about it.  We were able to say yes to those whom we related to and no to those whom we didn’t.  A compromise would have been “balash matbakh, tab tea set?” I mean come on…who doesn’t have a tea set!!! An imaginary tea party would serve the purpose, break the ice, and open the hearts for life, love, and inexplicable bonds that would last for years, months, days, or even a couple of hours.  Yet I dare say genuine…for the lack of misleading, delusive, hypocrite, between the lines notions make it  easy to get to know people, let alone accepting them as they are.

Today, it takes forever to get to know someone, companionship is not a popular term; it usually entails other benefits, or not… but something gotta come out of it, or this is how you presume it would entail before even initiating a contact with someone you are interested in knowing.

I know am one of those incredibly socially challenged people; but not because I don’t like people…bel3aks, I like people as is, as genuine and authentic as they are. I don’t mind their flaws…cause simply we are all flawed. And those who think people should be perfect must really think twice, cause human beings are not meant to be flawless…they are not angels.

Today I saw a seemingly interesting person that I would have loved to get to know; yet I left and the sentence “3andek matbakh?” kept on reverberating in my mind.

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Baby Nerro


While cleaning up my computer I came across this photo, the same inquisitive/concerned person..mafish fayda :), wish I’ve been taught how to be more flexible though.

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