She digresses

Ramadan Kareem 😀  it is Ramadan that everyone including myself claims eno geh fag2a..I guess it is not fag2a, it is just we were not ready…and generally speaking we are never ready.  A few days later…we will be exclaiming how fast it went.

I’ve been feeling so down since the sudden stop of READ, I’ve been so high on it…had a vision and plans…everyone who contributed to the paper did.  Couldn’t face teams disappointment, as I couldn’t contain mine.  I was disappointed cause I believed, it wasn’t a tough dream..but it wasn’t my dream to fight for although I felt I should have been given the chance to.  

 To ……..:

I hate when you connect on a very superficial level, while I KNOW that you can go a whole lot deeper.  I am tired of trying to get you there, and I wouldn’t really mind if you said you don’t want to…just say it and I will succumb to your wish. 

PS: I want to have memories with you.

Now re. the aforementioned point, why do I need “his” confirmation to act accordingly, I have all the sings that says I need to back off…yet here comes an excruciatingly important question; should I go with “his” words and confirmation, wala with my intuition and feelings!!!

PS: This is a hypothetical question…I don’t want an answer.

“Sometimes when I say I am fine..I want someone to look me in the eyes and say tell the truth”

Movie Recommendation: Inception…the kind of movie that would keep you glued to your seat, thinking and wondering…and will haunt you for days after watching.

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Autumn in New York

Autumn in New York is not the best movie ever, but for some reasons I just like it. Richard Gere and Winona Ryder are wonderful, I like Winona Ryder originally coz she is the one who did Jo March character in Little women the movie.

Although the movie theme is just an old and repeated one yet there are moments and quotes that I can’t just let go:

When Will told Charlotte, “you ruined me for other women” she said “I saved you for them”.

“There’s only 2 kinds of love stories in this world…boy loses girl, girl loses boy…that’s it. Somebody always gets left behind”

When Will told charlotte “I am too old for you” she replied “I collect antiques”.

Since I am a fan, Charlotte quoting Emily Dickinson, the # 1 American female poet, was just perfect.

Gotta leave now, but not without quoting Dickison too :))

POOR little heart!
Did they forget thee?
Then dinna care! Then dinna care!

Proud little heart!
Did they forsake thee?
Be debonair! Be debonair!

Frail little heart!
I would not break thee:
Could’st credit me? Could’st credit me?

Gay little heart!
Like morning glory
Thou’ll wilted be; thou’ll wilted be!

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Yet another film hindi

It was the last day in an extremely strenuous workweek when I called the sis to check if she would like to go watch “Slumdog  Millionaire”,  I was pretty sure she won’t tag along as we definitely dropped down this “going together to movies” issue a few years ago, our last one was “wa7ed men el nas” fa you can imagine how unyielding is our pact 😉 (between us girls: she talks during movies, shhhhh).


El Mohem we went to the movie which happened to be in Genina Movie Theatre, (a prestigious award winner movie should be allover the place, not only in a few movie theatres across Cairo, no??). We had an hour to waste fa we went around the mall keda, and sister kept torturing me as she practically stopped in front of each and every candy stall we came across.  At the very beginning I thought she wants to buy something in particular but tab3an I was wrong, she was just doing it for the fun of it.


I will spare you the familial details and now to the movie review (if I may say), actually it is not a review khales, it is only my opinion, and I can really sum it up in a simple sentence: 

Slumdog Millionaire; yet another “film hindi”, in a short time span.  I totally understand that the movie has practically rocked the world and all, yet to me it didn’t make much sense, like many of those loooooooooooong movies we used to watch during the eid vacation when we were young. 


It is the same old recipe.  Throughout the movie inconsistency prevailed.  I have to admit that at many points I was touched to the core, and I also have to admit that the movie is visually brilliant.  But the flawed storyline really got into my nerves, I was totally disappointed.


Although I loved the Jai Ho Score at the very end with all the music, energy, and stuff, yet I went like “howa film hindi”.  There is nothing wrong with aflam hindi by the way, I can confidently tell that so many of us used to like the colorful scenes and the music offered in those ones we used to watch zaman, but the drama was never a measure coz we knew that they mostly lack realism.

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Into the Wild: Depicting the Life of Christopher McCandless

From an adventurous to a sheer idiot, opinions varied about Christopher McCandless. In January 1993 Author Jon Krakauer published an article in Outside Magazine titled “Death of an Innocent”, in which he depicted the life of Christopher McCandless.

“The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun”


The above is McCandless’s logic. A 24 years old Emory University graduate, who decided to give up a relatively comfortable life and hitchhiked his way to Alaska in April 1992, resided in an abandoned bus near Mt. McKinley and wandered in the Alaskan wilderness adopting the name “Alexander Super tramp”.

Armored with his journal, basic supplies, and a field guide to the region’s edible plants McCandless survived in the wild for more than 100 days. Amidst his journey he eventually came to a conclusion that nature is never an eternal refuge and decided to get back to civilization, nevertheless he was forced back to his snow covered bus as the route was blocked by high water. Christopher McCandless partially decomposed body was found in September same year by moose hunters.

I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all!-McCandless, final note.

Krakauer versus Penn:

Intrigued by McCandless’s experience, Jon Krakauer decided to take his published article a step further. He spent three years of background research and in 1996 he published his book “Into the Wild”. In the book Krakauer compares Christopher’s experience to other wilderness experiences and his own as well. Defending Christopher and presenting the circumstances that pushed the 24 years pal to cut off with his community; Krakauer relates Chris’s seclusion to his family, especially his demanding father who was a perfection freak.

About Chirs’s experience Krakauer says “He soon discovered, however, what Muir and Thoreau already knew: An extended stay in the wilderness inevitably directs one’s attention outward as much as inward, and it is impossible to live off the land without discovering both a subtle understanding of, and a strong emotional bond with, that land and all it holds”

Krakauer believes that away from a couple of fatal mistakes, McCandless would have been alive now.

In 2007 an adaptation of the biography written and directed by Sean Penn was released. In the movie Penn decided to take off Krakauer’s voice and stick to Chris’s story only. Penn’s approach was as well different from Krakauer’s “The interest I had in the story was predominantly what he was pursuing and not as much what he was fleeing“. When Penn first read the novel and approached the McCandless’s to get their approval Billie, Chirs’s mother said that she had a dream and her son is not ready yet to see a film of his life. However, after 10 years Penn received an approval call from the family and started working on the movie.

Penn’s movie is a masterpiece and totally motivating. It has been awarded The Golden Globe for the Best Original Song and nominated to the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and Best Film Editing.

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The Aftermath

When the strong were too weak to hurt the weak, the weak had to be strong enough to leave”…. 

Forget about the what’s and why’s at the moment, it is just we are no longer together.  It feels strange, I wish I can grant myself the right to lock my self in a room and cry my heart out, nevertheless I can’t, knowing that I will be gotten-over thru a re-bound.  There are certain things better left unsaid…


I know it is not the end of the world, I know there is will always be tomorrow and I believe in it BIG TIME, but I also know it is not a piece of cake, and it won’t be easy.. I need to admit and acknowledge it, get it out of my system to be able to move on and resume my life.  Right at this moment I don’t have enough strength or energy to do that and I am too numb to take an action.


Was watching Happy Feet last night and contemplating the thought of celebrating being one’s self. Mumble the penguin was born in a place where every penguin was born with his/her heart song, he being the result of a “bad egg” was different, he can only tap dance.  Mumble was in love with Gloria “the hottest chick” at the penguins’ empire, but of course he is not that good for her as he couldn’t sing. Gloria was in love with Mumble as well, but she didn’t have enough guts to disclose or maybe she wasn’t ready…and the movie goes on until at the end, Gloria and Mumble found out that they complete each other, and him not being able to sing but excelled in dancing saved his kind and delivered a message that wouldn’t have reached anybody.

Mmm..I sorta drift away from my main point, what I want to say is people are different, but being different is never a flaw, it only requires a better understanding and lots of patience and readiness for acceptance.


After the movie we decided to go for coffee, fa we started ordering and there was this friend who always associated me to Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, and Monica in Friends, don’t know why ;)..well, I know but I am not gonna admit it.

When it was my turn to order (at this point I noticed eno my friends were just staring at me and waiting to see how different my order will end up) I ordered a Mega Latte’ without the whipped cream and no chocolate chunks, but extra caramel.. we all laughed, and my friend was like “you can’t really take things as is!!” “You gotta do things your way”..fa I replied eno isn’t it is all about choices, even the smallest ones count. 

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Movie and dilemma

It is a wonderful morning, it is getting cooler in Cairo, not all day long tab3an, but early mornings, and @ night…

– Been to “The Lake House” yesterday, and was actually so massively determined to write a huge post about it…but am too lazy/busy to write it this morning…fa to cut the story short it is an amazing movie…more about connection, communication, waiting, and ownership. Sandra Bullock is a lonely doctor who once resided in an unusual lakeside house begins exchanging letters with “Reeves” the house newest resident, a frustrated architect whose father originally built the lake house. They both discovered that they live 2 years away from each other, however, They decided to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance before it’s too late. One thing you have to put in mind while watching is that it is a “MOVIE”.

Favourite Quotes:

“She’s more real to me than anything I’ve ever known”

“Even though this is clearly impossible, it’s amazing”

“One man I can never meet. Him, I would like to give my whole heart to”

“He could build a house. But he couldn’t build a home”

– On a separate work related note…I am in a middle of a big dilemma…and I really don’t know what to do. A couple of days of the guys asked me to do him a favor and scan something for him…I willingly scanned this “thing” for him. That thing ba2a is a job offer…I know it is none of my business, and yes it is good for him and all, but knowing that he submitted a leave request for a month without pay…to go and check the new thing tab3an..then resign keda without giving prior notice and stuff is what making me feel uncomfortable.
The guy works in a very special project, “he is one of 110 Egyptians who knows how to deal with a certain system keda” and with him leaving suddenly, we will get screwed big time.
Now what….should I tell my boss…honestly, I feel it is my duty to tell him, given the traumatic repercussions of the guy’s unexpected resignation!!
But what if it was an ambush, he did it before by the way. Mesh 3arfa..bas I think it is not..I’ve seen the offer..and it is pretty tempting!!!

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Incoherent Thoughts…

– You gotta go listen to the Audio in Eve’s last post “Fi Beirut”.  

– From “French Kiss”:

– Kate: A healthy person is someone who expresses what they feel – express, not repress.

Luc: In that case, you must be one of the healthiest people alive”. 

– “Happy, smile. Sad, frown. Use the corresponding face with the corresponding emotion”

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Discovered that I missed documenting lots of things here the past few days…let me see if I can catch up with everything. I won’t I know…but will do my best.

First…due thanks…..everyone who dropped a line and offered help re. the firewall issue…I really appreciate it..I asked the guys here to open a few sites for me..and they promised to work it out…if not…Mo will take good care of me. 

Khaled “beta3 kollo”: one of the very few positive things I experienced lately…Khaled is the owner of a meduim size store @ one of the North Coast Villages…you can always call him for Water, fol and ta3meya, Kabab&kofta, pizzas and pastries…and above all “lo2met el 2adi bel sokar”…I have never had such tasty ones..they were awesome.  Not only he provides everything one might need…but being the only one serving several units…you would expect him to be such a greedy freak…who would typically rip you off and give you @#$#$#..but no…his prices were reasonable…and the quality of service and goods were exceptional. 

Outing: Wonderer, Juka, Nesrina, and myself…met last Sunday for lunch and movies…..Nesrina and Wonderer decided to eat the so called “guiltless” kind of stuff…”for whatever reason they had in mind”…thought Juka would order real food..but she ended up eating caeser salad!! that was odd…in comparsion to my platter.

Then we started thinking movies….ehm…ehm..I will spare myself going thru the embarrassing details of getting the tickets “ya wonderora ;D”…the movie “wa7ed men el nas” was cool and different yet too much blood…that was my only concern.

Work: Before my vacation had a long talk with boss…and to conclude ya3ni..he asked me to sit and revise my job description to reflect the current duties…then he will start working on the promotion….he mentioned something that I won’t be able to mention here…that stopped me from updating the JD…zat iz no cool :(((

Books: I am that type of person who would live in the atmosphere of whatever she reads…fa yesterday I realized that what am suffering from now might be the effect of “the good earth” on me…the novel is good but leaves you with a strange feeling of depression…the same effect of Steinbeck’s “of mice and men”. 

Productivity: BIG FAT ZERO….and I will blame it on summer…I don’t like summer…Winter ba2a….tab 3 months summer…w 3 months winter…”Autumn and spring are no longer valid options”.

Happy thought: tomorrow is THURSDAY 😀

LOL..I caught myself moving my finger around the edge of the keyboard to click on something “as if in a laptop”.

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Superman Mania

Now what?? what is the deal with the superman movie…seriously ya3ni…what’s so appealing about it….…give me one reason that would make me go watch a movie about a guy roaming around allegedly helping people in a blue tight suit and red pants.

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Back to work

Yeah…it is good to be back after a few days at home….a bit boring…but playing lazy cat for a change was terrific :)….the good thing is eno it is my last day before the eid vacation, which I will start 3 days early :)) 3ashan am pampering Nermeena shwaya, and taking her away from the work and stress atmosphere.

I know not so many people are fond of “the truth about cats and dogs” the movie, but for me, it is one of those movies that I can see for countless times, not coz it is the best movie ever, it is just a personal thing keda …….I HAVE BEEN THERE, and don’t get excited I wasn’t the playboy’s mate of the year….was more of the Time’s woman of the year :)). Well, it wasn’t serious though…but myself and another friend had this conflict before, was more of a funny thing at the time, we both were good to each other, but cheating was expected ya3ni 😉 The good news is I wasn’t defeated BY HER, as the whole thing ended up with neither me nor her!!! A Miss Universe came along and we were “BEKH”…….

It is good to stumble in the movies that u like keda, ya3ni, I don’t usually read the guide or so, I just go like crazy through the channels quickly, and I stop when I find something interesting…fa this week the best were, the mirror has two faces which is one of Barbara Streisand’s best movies….love the scene where she is lecturing about love and keda, the second was dead poet’s society…one of the my favourite movies..might be a bit boring…but for no reason I can stand the slow rythme “a friend smsed to let me know the movie is being aired on mbc2…found that cute awi”, and finally the truth about cats and dogs…..

I don’t read a lot these days…whenever I feel like reading shwaya…I read a short story or a poem for Gibran’s Secrets of the heart…I love it aslan…especially the Mermaid.

“You know how someone’s appearance can change the longer you know them? How a really attractive person, if you don’t like them, can become more and more ugly; whereas someone you might not have even have noticed… that you wouldn’t look at more than once, if you love them, can become the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. All you want to do is be near them”

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Like the Abba

I told you everything

Opened up and let you in

You made me feel alright

For once in my life

Now all that’s left of me

Is what I pretend to be So together but so broken up inside

Cause I can’t breathe

No I can’t sleep

I’m barely hanging on

Here I am

Once again

I’m torn into pieces

Can’t deny it

Can’t pretend Just thought you were the one

Broken up deep inside

But you won’t get to see the tears

I cry Behind these hazel eyes

Just a little from Kelly Clarkson’s behind these hazel eyes, oh boy, had a very relaxing weekend, although spent Friday morning till afternoon out, running errands and visiting family members w keda, was supposed to do a play performed by templars that night, but was really tired to get dressed, fa decided to stay home….and have a movie night.

And YES, it was, although I cut my relations with dear Mr. Popcorn a while ago just to get over my addiction, but that night I decided to treat myself to a little bowl ya3ni, although I put on weight again, and Ramadan is not gonna do me any better, bas cool, my movie night won’t be special without it ;)) started with my very very very very favourite “a walk in the clouds”…Gosh….that was awesome, love this movie, so much greenery in the picture, love scenses, dancing w keda….

On some other channel I can’t remember which one, there was the vertical limit movie, it is kinda tough one, and for a person like me it is not a movie to watch before getting to bed….ah on MBC2 3ashan I said I can watch it tomorrow miday w keda…read f Siddhartha shwaya, then another movie “hanging up” moving and very humane….and it is kinda real keda, fa I like it….been a long time since I had a long movie night like this….enjoyed it big time.

Mom bought me my Ramadan Lantern ;)))), Kol sana wento taybeen, few days and bang we are there, am planning my days off, probably will take the last whole week, plus a couple of days keda in the middle, working hours are from 8:00-3:30, fa keda, I really don’t do much during Ramadan, “I mean outings wise”, it is just no time for everything….and I am NOT into kheimas kaman, although I once did the opera one, and it is real good, no shisha w khan2a w keda..decided that if I am going to pray tarawee7 at the mosque I won’t drive, I would better walk, it is only 7 minutes from our place to Abu Zahra, fa cool….Sis and mom & dad goes everyday, but honeslty am not as clever as they are, I go like, ok….I have to stay here ba2a to keep the tarawee7 blessings at home ;)))) I love the spirit of Ramadan, I don’t care about food, but my problem is usually “shay belaban”…..the last 3 Ramadans started with a massive flu attack, hope it won’t happen this year kaman, 3ashan it is annoying awi with fasting…I can’t use my nasal drops…and I am “khanfana” 3ala tool :))

The “Apprentice” new season started already….Martha Stewart is leading the charge this season, and instead of using Trump’s famous phrase “you are fired” she had one of her own “you just don’t fit in” hahaha…this is what I call “a feminine touch” ;)))) It is almost lunch time….so, what’s for lunch….I am too depressed becoz of this weight thingie, am 2 kilos away from 60, fa will do either chicken noodles or light youghurt :((( If only I can have a cheese lovers pizza with mushrooms and salami!!!!

Been to a music store a few days ago and asked them to do me a CD keda which includes the most famous dancing hits…gotta tell you, it came out to7fa, baila, marina, sexy eyes “remember this one?”, la bamba, Sicilia, Dale and many more….don’t know if it is right or I am just assuming, think the majority of girls have their “don’t disturb…I am dancing” time, I personally have it since I was so young, it is a stress release kind of thing, very healthy by the way…..and fun too 😉

updates: it is 2:58 CLT, I am too sleepy ….I can see stars and cartoon callouts.

Lunch ended up being crab noodles “yuuuuuuuuuk big time”, asl I didn’t find chicken noodles fel super market :(( didn’t finish it, bas ate half of it…bas Curt came in 10 minutes ago keda, and gave me a green apple chocolate filled lollipop…….yuuuumy.

P.S: Lollipops rock.

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Sleepless in Cairo

Yep…the title is derived from the movie “Sleepless in Seatle”….When it comes to Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan….should be a super movie….full of thoughts and extraordinary scenes. Why am I talking movies now???? The thing is I didn’t sleep well in a long time now, fa I am kinda edgy and tensed….

yesterday, was the SS Pre-historic art presentation, although tired bas I thought this would be cool and interesting fa shouldn’t be missed….by the end of the day thought I am too drained to attend, SPA and relaxing sounded like a brilliant idea, but had to work late fa was done by 7 which was the presentation time, so I did it….very stupid move, driving back home wasn’t cool too, had this feeling of “I will run over someone in a minute”…thanks God didn’t happen….again didn’t sleep well, fa the mood is still the same…Rasha mentioned that she really got tired of my Geminian moods…fa treated her to something to keep her mouth shut :))) I got the reputation already…fa kfaya ba2a :))

The presentation was good….funny things happened keda “maybe I am the only one who is seeing it funny” bas won’t tell eih el 7asal :)) during the break, we had this movie talk, and ideas for new movies to be shown….fa I listed a couple of them keda…then I cried…you know what…”Man on the Moon” it is the Bio of the American comedian Andy Kaufman…being so enthusiastic about the guy, fa I started telling his story…it is a very interesting one by the way…Andy died at the age of 35 after suffering from lung cancer. The guy’s biggest fear was not that he would die, but that he would not be remembered “like and admire the concept BIG TIME”.

A man full of hope and a real survivor…I love when people struggle for what they want…although life and death is of course in the hands of God…but still his attempts were remarkable…many fables and stories about his rebirth… it is also said that when back to life Kaufman got plastic surgery to dramatically change his appearance and is a current day comedian “many claimed that the comedian is Jim Carrey, may be coz he is a big fan of Andy Kaufman, or coz he starred the man on the moon movie”…Ooooops….I did it again, I just like the idea fa when I am enthusiatic about something, takes a train to stop me :)))

– Ah…one little thing, all the photos in my blog(s) are taken by my-humble-self….they are all in my usefilm collection……

“A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires” from Coelho’s Fifth Mountain

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Little Women…for the Gazillion time

Yep….it was there on MBC2 yesterday…I literally was reciting the scenario, yeah, and not only Jo’s role but every single character, I discoverd they are gonna air it @ 7 pm, fa I finished everything I have, so I don’t get interrupted 🙂

Love the final scene; the professor propose to Jo, but being the poor guy he is fa he goes like “but my hands are empty” she puts her hands on his and goes “they are not now” keda sounds silly shwaya…but along with the movie ambience it was hysterically romantic.

Talking of romanticity; one guy told me before, don’t show that u r moved awi keda with romantic scenses, 3ashan u don’t look like the type of person who would be that romantic 🙂 I laughed awi, and went like u really don’t know me…walahi, it depends on the mood, sometimes I am, the other times am not, fa 3ala 7asab, plus yeah….nothing constant when it comes to my feelings!!! “he was a bit prejudiced against me after a debate about the Cinderalla story; and me saying that I think she is not smart enough, and I really don’t like the story as the main character doesn’t have enough brains and guts!!”

Weekend talk: I really don’t need to say how boring and annoying it was…bas cool ya3ni, I survived thru, and I really can’t believe eno I was really glad getting dressed to go to work this morning…I was like….what the hell am so happy about?? drove to work, although I shouldn’t bas 3ashan will get back late after tonight’s event fa I gotta do it. Received my weekly schedule and am kind of shocked…no, no, mad, no, steaming…..well, I think I need to chock somebody.

I love doing the UFO talk, Mum doesn’t like it, but out of being a good mother, she talks and go through many discussions w keda, bas one thing she asked for is not to start such UFO and mysteries discussions while we are having visitors w keda…well, mum, it is fun, plus it is a very controversial topic so u can get people busy, and won’t feel bored w keda, can’t u see what I am doing here, I am getting ur visitors entertained. Plus u taught me that I should stand for what I believe in…fa she is like, yes honey I know, and am supporting, mesh I listen to you, and we go through endless talks and discussions w keda…bas for God’s sake balash odam el nas….I love my mom, and I am sometimes obedient, bas not to that extent 😉

Gotta get the royal self to concentrate ba2a at work 🙂

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Curly Me :)

Yep…instead of curly sue…I used to love this movie 🙂 yeah…I am on curly hair today, for a change ya3ni…

Weekend talk: mine was super cool, Friday went out in the morning, touring around Heliopolis, stopped by el Baron Palace, had my digi cam with me, bas the guy at the gate told me they are off today for whatever reason but will be operational tomorrow…fa cool, heading katameya, there was a golf tournament and my uncle was playing fa went there…spent sometime, then back home.

Saturday: Been with Emi to El Baron Palace for a kinda photography session; although we both were impressed with the extremely magnificant huge palace and the carving everywhere…but were disappointed for seeing the writings on the walls, “nas mezawagheen men el madares” w 7aga teza3al…honestly, it wasn’t cool trying to take a nice capture avoiding mohamed & mai 15/2/99….won’t look good in the picture ya3ni 🙂 we spent like a couple of hours there….in our way out the guy at the gate, was so astonished we spent all that time inside….till here everything is cool, forgot to tell you, then my cam ran out of charge, then it was off…fa when I went home and recharged it….there was 0 pictures taken. NO COMMENT…

Been home later for a sleep, then prepared for a neighbor’s wedding keda…didn’t spend much time there…but was ok…

My all time favourite men list witnessed a slight change this weekend, # 6 is gone, yep….he is completely gone, and you know what…I discovered that if he was really that special ya3ni as I thought, he would have been # 1 on the list…right?!! yeah….but even though he wont’ beat George Cooloney in his 3 entries ;P

Ah on Friday night…gotta say Saturday morning 🙂 around 1:00 am, there was this Barbra Streisand Movie…”The mirror has 2 faces” not to mention how much I like Barbra Streisand, but the movie is super cool…and a must see…I go ba2a and here is a quote from the movie…should be a good day…enjooooy :))

“We all want to fall in love. Why? Because we feel that experience makes us feel completely alive. Where every sense is heightened, every emotion is magnified, everyday reality is shattered and we are flung into the heavens…It may only last a moment, an hour, an afternoon, but that doesn’t diminish it’s value, because we are left with memories that will last us the rest of our lives”

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Sense and Sensibility

Yesterday I was supposed to attend Shadenda’s son # 1 birthday party, but I was so tired, fa ran some errrands keda then back home…wasn’t in a mood for reading fa TV… Survivor was on one fa I watched tab3an “I am a real tv addict” was ok, slept on the couch then mom came with a lovely cup of tea with milk “my favourite” and you can say it is a sort of _family tradition_ 🙂 I don’t know the secret but we love it.

Later on was Sense and Sensibility the movie, ya salm, eshta…I was in need for such thing…I love classics..think I would have fit in such era…sa7..yemken..but I wish I had the experience 😉

or may be I am too realistic and the atmosphere of such movies and novels is way too far from being around fa I like the contrast???

Decided to get back to the UN online volunteer thing…I quit doing it shwaya..coz I faced a hell of a problem keda with someone through this network…but it is ok now, fa I will ISA. El mood is ok, just sleepy, had an early meeting keda…more assignments 😦 for sure I love what I am doing..but I am seriously thinking about a career shift…may be not right now..but I will get prepared for it.

The weather is awesome today, will have lunch on the roof…yeah…and the topic to be discussed during lunch break…is mainly for guys, and we are gonna see how they think, the question is…how do you find a female attractive??? think it is gonna be fun :)) will tell the feedbacks later.

a conversation from the movie sense and sensibility :))

Marriane: Can he love her? Can the soul be really be satisfied with such polite affections? To love is to burn – to be on fire, like Juliet or Guinervere or Heloise…

Mrs. Dashwood: They made rather pathetic ends, dear.

Marianne: Pathetic? To die for love? How can you say so? What could be more glorious?

Mrs. Dashwood: I think that would be taking your romantic sensibilities a little far.

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