Satisfied (El7amdolelah) :D


Don’t be timid
Don’t be afraid to hurt
Run toward the flame, run toward the fire
Hold on for all your worth

Cause the only real pain
Your heart can never know
Is the feeling of regret
When you don’t let your feeling’s show
So did you say it
Did you mean it
Did you lay it on the line, did you make it count
Did you look ‘em in the eye & did they feel it
Did you say in time
Did you say out loud
Cause if you did Hun
Then you lived some
And that feeling inside
It’s called satisfied

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The night the Egyptian Cultural Scene was slapped on the face

Last Thursday during the long awaited Ziad El Rahbani Concert I Camel’s sentence kept on reverberating  in mind “Culture is an attitude”….

What happened in the cultural wheel last Thursday was a true offence to the word “culture”.   A lot of Ziad El Rahbani lovers were high and ecstatic since they heard that he will be performing in Egypt during the Cairo Jazz Festival.  Alas, the event was a disappointment: here is a hint of what happened

We knew beforehand it is a standing kind of concert; yet we barely found a place to step in.   The culture wheel over-sold  the overpriced tickets for the event, that they practically ruined the experience for those who paid to enjoy the music.

Ps: I would have contentedly paid double or triple the ticket price if the event was at the opera house that’s for sure, only becoz I would have been positive that it will be a magnificent experience.

The culture wheel adopts a no smoking policy in its premises; awesome no? well…that didn’t happen on Thursday, during the break everyone rushed to the sides of the river hall  -which we took a refuge to listen only to Ziad’s music and reconciled with the fact that we won’t see the performance-  to smoke ignoring not only the convenience of the others but only their safety, let alone the rules of the place.

When I asked the only available organizer to stop them from smoking, he shrugged and said that he tried, but they won’t stop.

The concert, organizers, and attendance were an extreme disappointment.   The whole thing  was pretty much a bunch on the face to the fragile alleged cultural scene in Egypt

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Weekend digressing

Been a while and I have so many things to digress, as I am simply in the mood for doing so.

The past few weeks were full of victorious as well as awkward moments, yet lovely and heartfelt instances filled in the gaps.  Torturous mood swings prevailed and the “aroma of a temper lost” made the headlines in my diaries.

On the age bit

I missed the annual ritual of posting a happy birthday to me blog post. Since it is better late than never, fa here we go. I turned 31 on May 28th (yaaaaaaaaay)…. I feel as juvenile as ever el7amdolelah, lighthearted and opening up to life even more than when I started my 20s.  That said today (yuppppppppppppppiee…apparently masr gabet gon delwa2ti ) I am not watching the game asl, I just decided to succumb to my extreme tendency to digress and resorted to the tiny laptop.  It is a challenge to type a long post from it by the way, bas this is another story 😀

El mohmem back to our main point el heya “age”.   Today I was sitting with a guy from the IT department working on something keda -I knew he is a 2007 grad- we were chit-chatting about education w keda.  Fa I started telling him about the heart breaking epic of el dof3a el mozdawaga and how we were the last dof3a before the new thanaweya 3amma system.

The guy then said yeah ento men ayam el ta7seen!! (as if ta7seen was the ancient-est system ever), tab3an here yours truly felt like an ancient monument.  I tried to let him know that we actually men abl el ta7seen and the ta7seen thing was the New System.

Quote and note:

“Nobody ever married a book”

Can you see where this is going!!  Tab3an we all know that this is metaphorically speaking ya3ni, the context is eno women with intellects are not men’s first choice for marriage, or ya3ni the majority of men in order not to generalize.  And I will never come around and cave in to the thought.

On Dreams deferred:

I have a dream, a fantasy, to help me through reality

And my destination makes it worth the while

Pushing through the darkness still another mile

Yesterday I was “that” close from getting in touch with a dream of a lifetime.   Yet after a short disturbing encounter at the Egyptian Radio and Television building, I realized that I have always thought of a certain channel to process my dream through, I have waited years and years to have this opportunity, and the minute I had it I came to find that I was pretty delusional.   If I am to cling to my dream then I will have to find out my own conduit.

Currently Reading:

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie.  It is my first for him, I always wanted to read his Satanic Verses but for a reason the idea was pretty freaky, don’t know what the book is about aslan, but the title gives me Goosebumps keda.

Aslan I came across Midnight’s Children while writing an article about the Booker Prize for Read Newspaper.  I got to know that Rushdie’s novel is probably the most celebrated literary work in the history of the booker prize.   It has won the prize initially in 1981, then was selected as the booker of the bookers in 1993.   Later in 40th anniversary of the booker Prize (2008) Rushdie was named winner of the Best of the Booker award for his Novel Midnight’s Children.

I am around the first 200 pages but totally hooked, it is A_M_A_Z_I_N_G.  will probably post a review after finishing it 😀

Apparently the game is over and Egypt  has won 😀

This post should have had at least one liner on each of the below topics:

Flu outbreak


Elections (Lebanon & Iran)

Yet I am too lazy to write anything about any of them. All I can say is, I genuinely wish that one day we can voice our choices and have a say in determining the future (I know am hallucinating), but again there is nothing wrong about hoping.

Meanwhile, take care and don’t freak out begad.

Have a lovely weekend,

Nerro, Rateeba, and Ensaf

(tab3an you can easily figure out that the 3 of us were writing that post 😉

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That’s the kind of day I wish for you ;D

Here is to a lovely morning, and more good ones to come 😀

A setting sun that paints a tie-dyed sky
A feather bed, an ancient lullaby
A kiss good night from one whose love is true
That’s the kind of day i wish for you

A field of flowers dancing in the spring
A little creek, a tree, an old rope swing
Cotton candy clouds against the blue
That’s the kind of day i wish for you

First love with all its storm
Raging like fire within
Tossing your heart to chance
You swear the dance will never end

But then it does and someone says goodbye
And after all those empty nights you cried
The morning that you wake up good as new
That’s the kind of day i wish for you

The faith of knowing deep inside your heart
That heaven holds more than just some stars
Someone’s up there watching over you
That’s the kind of day i wish for you

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Chasing the Golden Butterflies in El Dorado

I want to live
I want to give
I’ve been a miner
for a heart of gold
It’s these expressions
I never give
That keep me searching
for a heart of gold
and I’m getting old
                                     (Heart of Gold, Tori Amos)



I sure am getting old, but apparently it is not a good enough reason for me to stop the chase.  I am not willing to give up, cannot apprehend the idea of letting go and  cling to whatever life offers. 


It ultimately offers some good stuff , but what is good? Can you define “good”!! good is subjective, nothing definite about it. 


I suppose we all learned the hard way that Dreadfully Awful can surprisingly be Splendidly Admirable, no!! but again who can tell! We always get to figure it out pretty late in the game.

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Dormant State yet we celebrate

Ladies and gents,

We (and by we I mean rateeba, ensaf, and my-humble-self)  are celebrating Nermeena’s blog third anniversary.  Let me tell you I spent days and days reading my archives from the very first post till the very last one and I can’t really express how I felt.  It is like documenting one’s life…I’ve watched myself growing up, achieving dreams, making foolish mistakes, stumbling and rising up as good as new.  I laughed at myself sometimes and  cried as well recalling harsh moments.  To cut the crap wire…I really enjoyed my past 3 years of blogging.

On another note, I noticed that I no longer have the time or the will (at some points) to talk about the details I used to talk about, I guess it is part of the growing up thingie…or it might be one of the girls (R or E) is taking over and she is into the low profile side of the world.  Fa eih ba2a…am I gonna surrender?? I will try to write on daily basis about the most beautiful thing that happened to me during that day. Only one beautiful thing everyday, not a tough one I reckon !!

I went walking with mama one day,

when she warn me what people say.

Live your life until love is found,

or love is gonna get you down.



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Listening to the music of the night

Current Status:I am spending a beautiful Thursday winter night at home, listening to the Phantom of the Opera sound tracks, and repeating the phantom of the opera song times and times again, I’ve been listening to it since morning and I didn’t get bored. Doesn’t sound pretty much like me, no?? however, Sarah Brightman and Michael Crowford are sorta irresistable.  here goes for those who are interested…and if not just try listening to it, you are gonna love it.

from theh Glass Castle (Jeanette Walls):

When I recovered, Dad picked me up and heaved me back into the middle of the Hot Pot. “Sink or Swim!” he called out. For the Second time, I sank. The water once more filled my nose and lungs. I kicked and flailed and thrashed my way to the surface, gasping for air, and reached out to Dad. But he pulled back, and I didn’t feel his hands around me until I’d sunk one more time.

He did it again and again, until the realization that he was rescuing me only to throw me back into the water took hold, and so, rather than reaching for Dad’s hands, I tried to get away from them. I kicked at him and pushed away through the water with my arms, and finally, I was able to propel myself beyond his grasp.

“You’re doing it, baby!” Dad shouted. “You’re swimming!”

I staggered out of the water and sat on the calcified rocks, my chest heaving. Dad came out of the water, too, and tried to hug me, but I wouldn’t have anything to do with him, or with mom, who’d been floating on her back as if nothing were happening, or with Brian and Lori who gathered around and were congratulating me. Dad kept telling me that he loved me, that he never would have let me drown, but you can’t cling to the side your whole life, that one lesson every parent needs to teach a child is “If you don’t want to sink, you better figure out how to swim.” what other reason, he asked, would possibly make him do this?

Once I got my breath back, I figured he must be right. There was no other way to explain it.

Ana Masry!! A not to be missed sorta conert:

An event/concert that I’ve attended last week at the AUC, I gotta admit it was a different kind of concert. Ehaab Abdou’s beautiful lyrics and music were extraordinary, Janine Zaki took the audience breath, and when Yasser Abou Ouf Sang Aho Da elli Sar, and Emta El Zaman yesma7 ya gamil..he owned the stage. Sheikh Zein sang a part from diwan el 7alag…and there was a violinist who really got me. Cheapeau begad for the theme Ehaab chose, I loved it…anywayz, they are performing next Monday, 3 December @ Sakia. Don’t miss it

Down Town: in the process of getting along with downtown, still can’t make good friends with the district, as it is super crowded keda and intimidating (you can hardly cross the street, spend around 30 mins to get out of kasr el 3eini st to tahrir square, and even if you tried to walk you have to come across a heck of a painful side walk that would hurt your feet aktar 7aga that we now call this area midan el shaheed wel raseef el mo2lem), whether driving or walking I can easily get lost.  However, I am doing my best to figure familiar places and relate..mesh 3arfa maybe it is still early!! for some hidden reason inside the little beautiful head of moi I thought I would make instantaneous peace with dowtown.

Beautiful warm night for all 😀

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Don’t Miss: Ehaab’s new concert (Ana El Masry)


You can get to hear some of Ehaab’s songs here

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Only Time!!

Listen  to Enya and take a deep breath 🙂

Saba7 el eshta “as per my american boss ;)”

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A new day/era in the happy valley

El title metaphoric awi 😉

إيديا في جيوبي وقلبي طــــــــرب

سارح في غربة بس مش مغترب

و حدي لكين ونسان و ماشي كده

وبابتعد ما اعرف .. أو باقـــــترب 

What a beautiful start for the day, Mounir’s voice along with Salah Jahin’s stupendous words. I had one of those (consciously) long enjoyable rides to work, I went out 5 minutes earlier than I should so I can enjoy a peaceful ride…My play list was set on Monir’s songs..and they were actually the ones that I haven’t listened to for a long time…fa I was singing along enjoying the music and celebrating a brand new day/era until un….un…….uuuuuuuuuuuun, I noticed that someone in a white Honda Civic is following me.   

At the beginning I thought eno 3adi…this is the Auto-Strad come on…people have to go this way…mafish options ya3ni…then I noticed that my stalker (usually you don’t call people stalkers unless they  really stalk you J, bas let’s call him a stalker 3ashan el bo3d el drami wel suspense) is keeping his distance keda and he is really following me, tab eih ba2a?? I tricked him and gave a right signal keda as if am gonna turn right fa he was about to turn right then he realized 3ala akher la7za that I won’t turn right.   Anywayz, I reached my work (the area I work in is quite mazy keda), fa I thought he will probably get lost or something..bardo ma7asalsh.

I had to park @ the company’s parking lot which means that I lost all my chances of having lunch outside the bldg, coz usually when we park there it is more of “forget about your car khales till 17:10”…it is practically “3elbet sardine ya m3allem” as D puts it.  I noticed my stalker parked in front of the parking lot and was getting out of the car bas I pretended that he is not there aslan and got to the bldg.

I hate my stalker for a) he screwed up the last 15 minutes in my pleasant ride, b) I will never ever forgive him for stuck here for lunch L.   

And the winner is:

Needles to say that I didn’t miss the  Oscar extravaganza or any related show with all the gossip and saucy details, (oh my..I gotta cut off on this) I wonder if I ever mentioned that am a reality TV freak!! Mmmm…this is a totally different subject and needs a post on its own.  I personally found Ellen DeGeneres HILLARIOUS, Helen Mirren’s – The Queen- award is well deserved.  The 61 years old actress looked extremely vivid and more stunning than Nicole Kidman in her TOO red dress. In an interview keda Mark Antony mentioned that he came to the party as J.Lo’s Purse!!!  If I ever had a husband and discovered that he plays a purse in his leisure time..I will shoot myslef in the head. Would have loved to see the girl from “little miss sunshine” going home with an award bardo..  

In a totally separate Note:

Next Saturday isa, I will interview one of my very favourite Egyptian writers, I love reading this guy, however, I disagree with him in a few things.  I am so excited about this meeting and so looking forward to it.



An Ancient Egyptian Prayer (The Map of Love):

May you enter favored, and leave beloved.

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From Eskendrella’s Concert

ده بأف مين
كلمات بديع خيري و تلحين سيد درويش

ده بأف مين اللي يألس 

على بنت مصر بأنهي وش

و النبي يجري يتليس

ماطلع كلامه طظ! فش!

النوه النووه

هي هي هيه

شغل البكش ده يا أختي

مابقاش ينفعنا دلوقتي

دي المصرية كتّر خيرها

في التربية سبقت غيرها

يا سيدي إنت

البنت تفضل محبوسة

قال جوه بيتها يكون أظبط

لحد ما تبقى عروسة

بدال ما تفضل تتنطط

العفو العفو

يا سلام

يا سلام يا إخوانا دي العبرة

ماهيش في جوة و لا برّة

عمر الحرة ما تبقى عرّة

عمر العرّة ما تبقى حرة

يا سيدي إنت

باردون يا فندي بالذمة

إيه بس عيب المصرية

الدنيا ضاقت بيك لما

ماتاخدش غير الأفرنجية


و إعقل

يا أهبااال

يا أهبل ليه غيرنا يفارقنا

ماتخلي زيتنا في دقيقنا

دي المصرية تبيض وشك

الأفرنجية عينها في قرشك

يا سيدي إنت

اللي ماتكتبش و تقرا

الدجالين قالعين عنها

وتو ما تقع البقرة

مالحق ما تكتر سكاكينها
إخه إخيه ..إخييييه

تفوا عالجهل ميت تفة

يالا نكسر وراه شقفة

من تعليمنا أهلنا خايفة

واقعين ليه من قعر القفة

يا سيدي إنت

خليها دي حلقة في ودنك

من قبل ما تقري الفتحة

أول كلام تقوليه لابنك

وطنك مافيش زيه دحه

م النيل إمبوه


حبه يا نونو بالأكتر

من بابا و ماما والسكر

منه الـتسة و منه المما

إوعك تنسى فرض الأمة

يا جدع إنت

It was my first time to hear this song last night @ the concert…Samia Jahin and Aya Hmeida’s performance for the song was extraordinary kaman.

* Read Omar’s interview with Eskendrella and listen to the song here

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Follow your heart or Intuition??

Follow your heart
Your intuition
It will lead you in the right direction
Let go of your mind
Your Intuition
Is easy to find
Just follow your heart baby

I like this part of Jewel’s song. 

Well, for someone like me who is quite on the romantic side of the house and not sensible enough (believe it or not I am, it only takes a couple of sweet words and I start talking wedding china), I decided long while ago to stop following my heart (there were times of relapse though), but I tend to trust my intuition…mmm..well, not really, coz I’ve been told that am too skeptic by nature, fa my intuition won’t do me any good.

But don’t you think that there is a big difference between following your heart and following your intuition…ya3ni you might love something/someone, and your heart kinda gets stuck there, but you feel like mmmmmm…”there is something fishy, a2ta3 dera3i law makansh maba7es”, “there is something wrong about this…mesh mesteraya7/a”..however, you still can’t detach yourself from that thing/one.  It happens, no?!!

Mesh 3arfa…but personally speaking, my heart has failed me several times, however, my intuition never did. Wa da 3ashan am a very insightful person who is always intouch with her inner self ;p, mashi!! Bottom line: I don’t need meditation courses 😀

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Laid back kind of morning

You’re just too good to be true.
Can’t take my eyes off you.
You’d be like Heaven to touch.
I wanna hold you so much.
At long last love has arrived
And I thank God I’m alive.
You’re just too good to be true.
Can’t take my eyes off you.

Pardon the way that I stare.
There’s nothing else to compare.
The sight of you leaves me weak.
There are no words left to speak,
But if you feel like I feel,
Please let me know that it’s real.
You’re just too good to be true.
Can’t take my eyes off you.

I love you, baby,
And if it’s quite alright,
I need you, baby,
To warm a lonely night.
I love you, baby.
Trust in me when I say:
Oh, pretty baby,
Don’t bring me down, I pray.
Oh, pretty baby, now that I found you, stay
And let me love you, baby.
Let me love you.
One of my favourite songs ever, kind of a song that makes me dance right away :), since am “office” alone this morning, I had my chance of listening it to it properly “as in loud”, u know, it is not like any other song.

Oh my…It is a beautiful winter morning, we had a blast doing the christmas tree, seeing the red cool poinsettias all over the place is a heck of a mood booster, no!!

Back to my PDs ba2a :(.



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“Dark as night, sweet as sin”

– This is sort of an energy(less) post, again…one of those severe mood swings…I don’t know, I mean, I can’t really complain about ANYTHING, life is practically perfect in every possible way..which doesn’t really give me enough chance to whine about things…which things?? I don’t exactly know!!

– Appraisal: for the second year in a row, am an outstanding employee (yaaaaaaaaay), what made it more special to me this year is that the criteria has changed. However, am the only employee who acquired a 5o in my department.

– Boss is leaving, and his replacement will arrive mid February.  Don’t know what is the real reason behind his unexpected resignation “it all came over the weekend”.  His replacement is a nice guy though.

– It hit me the other day while attending the IGWS forum, that I never had a cool professor not a single one during my journey throughout the Egyptian educational system.  

P.S: Cool here could be interpreted as either hot or interesting.  A.K.A a professor to have a crush on…What on earth has triggered the thought!! A cool professor ;).

– Please, please, pretttttttty please always remember that thank you and please work wonders.

-The Neil Gaiman over doze: am almost half way thru Anansi Boys, to be followed by Fragile things, and the pre-release order for The Facts in The Case of The Departure of Miss Finch has been successfully placed.  Currently listening to “Cinnamon” from this audio collection.

– My song for the week: I love you more, from Marcel Khalife’s album Peace Be With you, a beautiful song, originally a Darwish’s poem…I just love it.  Speaking of Marcel, the New CD “Takasim” is supposedly out everywhere except in

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– Am not sure if I ever mentioned this here…but since I like to the idea of rubbing it off anyways, fa here…I had my signed copy of Bahaa Taher’s new novel, lalalala ;p


Note to you: I am giving a presentation tomorrow about the recent Sexual Harassment events @ the AUC, Greek Campus @ 18:30, just in case you would like to drop by wala 7aga.


– I really like the new “Tararam” song, nothing deep bas I think its beauty lies in its extreme plainness. Nousha has the lyrics.


– Mizo my dearest friend ever 😉 told me a couple of days ago that he is kinda za3lan meni, fa we talked it and things were cool.  Yesterday, I was going to Wagih Aziz concert with friends @ the Culture Wheel, fa I text him to check if he can join w keda….then he replies eno he is going out with KS.  He gave me the name but a) I don’t know if he would like or not to disclose the identity.  b) for once ya3ni I would have a fraction of a mysterious point in my over divulged blog.  KS is a celebrity, and no he is not KS my EX-CRUSH.  This KS is younger, handsom(er), and way more sophisticated and elegant keda.  Where am I going here?? I really don’t know, I just like the idea that he knows KS, my very fertile imagination can use use this space P_R_E_T_T_Y easily 😉


– SMS:

M: “Lunch @ 12:15? Eurodeli?

N: Boss will kill me, I just came back from the Green Mill



– I forgot a very important point: a nice, easy, inspirational and must read Taranim Fi Zel Tamara by Mohamed Afifi… is a masterpiece.

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