on Crazy Girls


I am the crazy girl who speaks her mind and heart out..realizing that I am losing because I don’t play by the rules of a world I see as mediocre.

I am the crazy girl who finds solace in ugly truth. I have been called negative because I strip the truth bare and reject unnecessary “white” lies…

I am the crazy girl who follows her heart and intuition -and the voices in her head-. I have been called cold and unfriendly because I don’t show my Gemini colors, I loathe pretenses. I value people -even those whom I don’t like- enough not to pretend they mean anything to me, or fight and bring out the maniac in me to get a firm hold of cherished ones and place them in the place I deem appropriate in my heart and life.

I am the crazy girl who feels like hurting you bad and would compromise at the thought of a hug or hearing your voice…I am the crazy girl you are struggling to accept her rawness and aloofness.

I am the crazy girl who doesn’t believe in grey areas. Black, white, and Rainbow colors define the way I approach life.

I am the crazy girl who thinks of herself as Stargirl despite the shortfalls, not because I am too vain to acknowledge them, on the contrary, I do…but I also know for sure that star people are hard to find.

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Random Thoughts

1- In that very far deep end of my soul, I feel a faint miasma of dissatisfaction.  For a reason am totally disconnected. I tried hard to connect but all in vain.


2- Will I ever learn that neither Ms. Bennet nor Jo March  are pertinent “first date” material!!  Next time I will definitely go for something more Oliver Twist (ish).


3- I guess am hooked up in the clutches of a new celebrity crush.


4- I told him that for me passion rules over reason, I tend to be reasonably challenged, while he is passionately reasonable and I totally hate that about him. He claimed it is only my ego and competitive inclinations.


5- I have to run for a meeting.




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