The Forty Rules of Life

Disclaimer: this post will be updated every now and then, there are a lot of rules that I will get to discover along the way.

1- Never forget that your significantly insignificant. In case you forgot, watch the sunset or sunrise..or sit by the see.

2- There is no such thing like model answer for your life/existential questions. You are unique like everyone else, you mould your life and strive to find the answers. There is a point those questions play hard to get..yes for you to learn something new, and stumble in another unanswered question.

3- You are not a tree…MOVE.

4- When your life comes to a dead end, you gotta take extreme measures to unknot the end as long as you are not-yet-dead #The40RulesOfLife

5- The thing no one will ever admit is that life is easier for the phony/mean & unkind, exhausting for the genuine -choose #The40RulesOfLife

6- a no brainer – what goes around comes around -believe me it does

7- Don’t succumb to energy vampires, or emotional blackmailers, they will suck the life out of you and leave you gasping for a breath.

8- If you are not comfortable about something then it is fishy. Your intuition is 70% your life sensor.

9- Develop a higher threshold for discomfort -this is where the magic happens – AVOID pain.

10- Find yourself a breather/ an escapade from everyday tension

11- Accept and open your heart just be cautious, whoever wants in Namaste..whoever wants out Double Namaste.

12- Like yoga teachers say..keep you head over your heart.

13- Forgive, but don’t until you are in the powerful side العفو عند المقدرة

14- For provocative and non fruitful arguments; smile, nod, and wave.

15- Blame those who have wronged you, just don’t forget who have set the bar!

16- Grieve gracefully like a woman not like a child (you lose or add to your loss in the later).

17- Travel (this is where you get to know yourself real well)

18- Don’t be afraid of discovering the corners of your soul, the process could be uneasy but magnificent

19- You may not be here tomorrow, so stop worrying. It is easier said than done (but use the thought as a reminder).

20- Wrinkle up, laugh lines are adorable

21- Walk the world with bare feet and open heart.

22- “Think of your most firmly-held belief. Now accept that somewhere in the world, someone believes the exact opposite with the same passion.”

23- Don’t allow others to reduce your valuable.
40- Don’t follow the above rules, these are only mine, and each get to discover his/her rules 🙂

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