Festivities :)

“Grand festivals are held all around the city of Cairo celebrating the 27th birthday of the amazing twins Nori and poosy cat aka Nermeen and Nesreen”……Nermeena Times

la2 it is not that way, I am just in the mood…plus Nermeena Times is a Tabloid aslan :))

Yesterday, I went home early like 4 wala 7aga…had some sleep then woke up after 45 minutes keda…it was good, why don’t we work from 8-3 bas…it gives a pretty long day that u can easily utilize…thought of going to the movies…bas then decided I would do something more fun…

Eih ba2a…been to Sonesta’s Spa and had a massage session plus shwayet 7agat tanya keda…the important thing is I really was pampered as a royality…….God….that was_super_cool. After my cuddling thing met a friend in the hotel fa we had a quick chat then I went home….didn’t spend much time away from my lovely bed…slept from 11 till 6 am this morning…7 consecutive hours ya Emi…shofti ba2a 🙂 it is a record.

What made my day ba2a is I came to the office and found a line of chocolates from the outside door passing all the way long to my desk…then filling the 3 drawers….at the top of the desk ba2a a bag full of my forever love Cheetos, Doritos, Strawberry and Caramel lolipops, pop-c0rn bags, snickers, Ferrero, and lots of coolies…tab3an I know who is the one behind that…fa I called to say thank you w keda ….no, no, no I don’t see hearts and stuff 😉

I go ba2a 🙂
Have the most pleasant weekend

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Proud of being offensive ?!!

It is a pleasant morning, after lots of sleep kaman…

Eih ba2a, I just arrived, no mention of work stuff, 3ashan I am not ready to get fired now…may be later on wala 7aga 🙂

The strange thing ba2a, yesterday after the meeting w keda…there was this lady talking about how skilfull, pretty…bla bla bla…but the most interesting of her traits ba2a is….being offensive, more than 17 minutes and she is talking about how rude, offensive, and aggressive she is, illustrating her # 1 skill with examples. I came to a point when she started laughing hillariously remembering eno someone spent a week in the hospital “men el ghez” ….stopped her asking do you really consider this a trait…she went like of course, I do. I was speechless for a few seconds then said u know what “what goes around, comes around”. Can’t even think about it….the lady is sick is guess….no, I am sure..

Here is one lovely quote from sex and the city:

I created my very own first breakup rule: Destroy all pictures where he looks sexy and you look happy.

Breakup rule No. 2: Until emotionally stabilized, enter no stores.

Breakup rule No. 3: Never stop thinking about him, even for a moment.because that’s the moment he’ll appear.

And finally, the most important breakup rule: Nomatter who broke your heart or how long it takes to heal,you’ll never get through it without your friends.

I totally agree with # 1 & 4…# 2 is not mine khales…# 3 is a heartache…and I think it is cool to appear shwaya 3ashan the normal thing will be no see khales, fa for a moment keda would be ok…mesh we7esh, wala eih 🙂

Strawberries 😡

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On the other side of the bed

Yesterday the weather was awesome, fa we decided to have a felluca ride…can’t tell how perfect was it..
My weekend was…super cool. Friday, went out shopping and in the evening coffee berry. Saturday…reading in the morning…then out with friends “felluca fel neel”…didn’t sleep well last night, thought I would bas ma7asalsh…don’t know why, fa I decided to have a music night in the balcony 🙂 slept around 4 and the alarm was set on 6:00 ;-x

Will miss Georges Moustaki’s concert tonight, I have an overnighter fa I will leave Cairo around 6…family and lots of friends are going…yuuuuuuck..

One hour later…

am back again, I am too sleepy today…2 cups of instant coffee and still sleepy…oh my God. Well, may be it is just about time for some hallucinations…naaa

In my shopping trip decided to get new eye glasses, 3ashan tab3an I broke my old one..I used to get the small sportive ones, but this time I bought a big a la mode one, taghyeer ba2a.

My twin adorable sister mentioned this weekend eno I am not stylish enough, and I don’t have a lot of skirts in my wardrobe…my point was if am not wearing them a lot, then why should I buy them to begin with??? valid point mesh keda 🙂

I am still on diet lost 2 kg this week… still 4 to go…bas I am dying for a small piece of chocolate…ice cream…lunch t2eeeeel moooooooooot, keda ya3ni.

Hearts talk = BIG ZERO :))))

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It is a beautiful life…or so it has to be

And when you rise in the morning sun

I feel you touch my hand in the pouring rain

And the moment that you wander far from me

I wanna feel you in my arms again

And you come to me on a summer breeze

Keep me warm in your love then you softly leave

And it’s me you need to show

How deep is your love

How deep is your love

I really need to learn

Cause we’re living in a world of fools

Breaking us down

When they all should let us be

We belong to you and me
I believe in you

Week started nice, leased line was down for hours and hours yesterday, fa no e-mails, internet, or web-based programs, kan sports day ya3ni…well gotta work on being kinda decisive when it comes to my personal relations with others…I am frustrated big time, never manage to be stiff keda….few good words and a smile would change the whole thing for me, and not pissed khales..that’s not a good trait believe me, coz sometimes_some_people don’t deserve to be nice with …”since when deserve mean anything?” from men of honor the movie.

Although I was dieting for a while, plus I am back to working out, bas I am still eating like a starving bear, mesh 3arfa leih…I wish I never complained about being skiny….Sign out 3ashan series of meetings :))

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The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho

The book shares the same theme as ‘The Alchemist’, the theme of the quest, seen as a journey that takes the main character far from his own country. ‘The Fifth Mountain’ begins with a reference to ‘The Alchemist’ and the author repeats the central idea of his first book: `when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’. The book can be considered a sequel, although the content is different.

I loved the following quotes:
– All life’s battles teach us something, even those we lose…. you’ll discover that you have defended lies, deceived yourself, or suffered for foolishness. If you’re a good warrior, you will not blame yourself for this, but neither will you allow your mistakes to repeat themselves.

– There are moments when God demands our obedience. But there are moments in which He wishes to test our will and challenges us to understand His love.

– There is no tragedy, only the unavoidable. Everything has its reason for being: you only need to distinguish what is temporary from what is lasting. What is temporary?… The unavoidable… and what is lasting?… The lessons of the unavoidable.

– A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.

– Sadness does not last forever when we walk in the direction of that which we always desired.

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Back with a hit ;-)

Told ya…will blog again today..but this time will let you enjoy another hit by Rania Badi3, gotta tell I feel and relate to every_single_word in this poem !!!

لماذا حديثك طيّب

وقادرٌ وحارقٌ

ومخترقٌ حدود الخيال

كروعة الاحتضار على سرير الشعرْ؟

لماذا جبينك سيدٌ

وصوتك كاسرٌ

وغيابك ظالمٌ

كقسوة دمع الهاربين من روايات القهرْ؟

يا رجلاً مصنوعاً من الأحلام

لماذا جنونك مقنعٌ

وحزنك ساحرٌ

والسير بين عروقك مبهرٌ

كرحلة المهاجر نحو بدايات الدهرْ؟

يا فارساً يقاتل عكس اتجاهات الزمان

لماذا حبك جارفٌ حتى وجع اللاوصول

لماذا حضورك رائعٌ كالثورةفي مفكرة العمرْ؟

يا قدر الإقامة بين الثلج وبين النار

لماذا اليقين في عينيك محيّرٌ

والصيف في حياتك ممطرٌ

والشوق إليك معذِبٌ

كلوعة قلب الغاضبينحينما يختنق الصبرْ؟

يا نشوة التمني في زمان المستحيل

لماذا تتوهج القصيدة

على ضفاف الحوار معك

ويعانق الجمال جماله على مرمى جرح؟

يا آخر الثوار في جبال الصمت

لماذا يضيء وجه السماء

حين ترتعش كلماتك بالنور

ويطل النهار نقياً من رحيق يديك؟

يا قدرة الإيمان في عالم مشوّه بالكفر

ِلماذا أتناثر أمامك كالهواء

لماذا حين تحدثني

يرحل التاريخ



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Right now I am in the office, will leave in about 30 minutes…yesterday I bought a new _pink_ clip board instead of my broken one, it is almost the same instead this one has tiny kinda redish hearts keda…looks nice. My boss once asked what’s the story with the pink pen, clip board, hole puncher, and stapler??? I simply love pink.

Dad started thinking about birthday presents and stuff, he asked me yesterday if I need anything or should he go ahead and get something. Dad is a very practical type of guy “Ex-Military”. I went like if you are intending to change my car then don’t ask…I don’t really mind ;)) fa he went like ah w malo…u know what?? I shouldn’t have asked aslan? and a kiss. Still didn’t know what his plan is…but for sure is not the car 🙂

Right this moment I am listening to Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden. I am in love with this song…yeah I have a weird inclination to kinda old songs, this one was a hit in may be 1997/98 which was my third year in fac. of Arts, English Dept..and it was always on in McDonalds “Merghani” we were always there…Ooopsy…can’t tell the rest of the story coz it is not only mine and it is kinda embarrassing to mention….but I swear I never had more fun in my life as in the university years 1995-1999.

I think I might continue when I get back from the meeting.

Beautiful day filled with strawberries, marshmallows, and tons of chocolates 🙂

“We’re deeply in love. He’s my magnificent obsession.”- Miss Piggy, on Kermit.


This morning there was an anonymous comment in the comments section in my blog “I deleted it”, it was a political type of thing…and as you see I don’t talk politics here…there are many many extraordinarily interesting political blogs around -for the author of the comment- you would really love and respect those blogs, check the aggregator, I think you will be enjoying sharing ur thoughts with them more than u do with me.

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Sense and Sensibility

Yesterday I was supposed to attend Shadenda’s son # 1 birthday party, but I was so tired, fa ran some errrands keda then back home…wasn’t in a mood for reading fa TV… Survivor was on one fa I watched tab3an “I am a real tv addict” was ok, slept on the couch then mom came with a lovely cup of tea with milk “my favourite” and you can say it is a sort of _family tradition_ 🙂 I don’t know the secret but we love it.

Later on was Sense and Sensibility the movie, ya salm, eshta…I was in need for such thing…I love classics..think I would have fit in such era…sa7..yemken..but I wish I had the experience 😉

or may be I am too realistic and the atmosphere of such movies and novels is way too far from being around fa I like the contrast???

Decided to get back to the UN online volunteer thing…I quit doing it shwaya..coz I faced a hell of a problem keda with someone through this network…but it is ok now, fa I will ISA. El mood is ok, just sleepy, had an early meeting keda…more assignments 😦 for sure I love what I am doing..but I am seriously thinking about a career shift…may be not right now..but I will get prepared for it.

The weather is awesome today, will have lunch on the roof…yeah…and the topic to be discussed during lunch break…is mainly for guys, and we are gonna see how they think, the question is…how do you find a female attractive??? think it is gonna be fun :)) will tell the feedbacks later.

a conversation from the movie sense and sensibility :))

Marriane: Can he love her? Can the soul be really be satisfied with such polite affections? To love is to burn – to be on fire, like Juliet or Guinervere or Heloise…

Mrs. Dashwood: They made rather pathetic ends, dear.

Marianne: Pathetic? To die for love? How can you say so? What could be more glorious?

Mrs. Dashwood: I think that would be taking your romantic sensibilities a little far.

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A call from different place

May be you cannot see me but I’m always here.. come on..you can feel me as am still real. Expand your hands and reach out for me…you are not able to touch me!! but you can touch my heart…feel its beats… a touch not soon forgotten.

Show me you care…let me know I am wanted…. I may give up my paradise, my wings, and my everlasting life, I’ll fall for you…. Dive till the ground cruelly stops me, I promise, will not look back for the bruised and broken wings. Only for you am no longer an angel, I am real…ready to suffer…willing to absorb the pain from those who seemed to care.

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If you Forget Me – Pablo Neruda

I want you to knowone thing.
You know how this is:
If I look
at the crystal moon,
at the red branch of the slow autumn at my window,
If I touch
near the fire the impalpable ash
or the wrinkled body of the log,
everything carries me to you,
as if everything that exists,
aromas, light, metals, were little boats
that sail toward those isles of yours that wait for me.

Well, now,
if little by little you stop loving me
I shall stop loving you little by little.
If suddenly you forget me do not look for me,
for I shall already have forgotten you.

If you think it long and mad,
the wind of banners that passes through my life,
and you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart
where I have roots,
remember that on that day,
at that hour,
I shall lift my arms and
my roots will set off to seek another land.

But If each day,
each hour,
you feel that you are destined for me
with implacable sweetness,
If each day a flower
climbs up to your lips to seek me,
ah my love, ah my own,
in me all that fire is repeated,
in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten,
my love feeds on your love,
beloved, and as long as you live
it will be in your arms without leaving mine.

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